Saturday, December 03, 2016

FOURTEEN MONTHS {Paloma's Monthly Photo}

You are sooooooo beautiful mamacita! 
You are making mami and papi laugh everyday with your fun personality.
Easy going.  You have lived in the car (with mami) the last couple months and 

You are now saying:  mama [sometimes], papa (for papi and grandpa), agua, chi-chi, you bark at dogs (but it sounds like a pig) you sign for more and say "mas" sometimes too.

Naps have been inconsistent due to Christmas lighting - it makes routine nearly impossible.  First nap of the day is reliable (either in your bed or in the car @930-10a) and after that all bets are off.  You usually catch at least a cat nap.  Mami is loving the early darkness because that signal is all you need to go down for the night.  

You are very active -up and down, down and up, dance dance dance.  You LOVE music, just like your brothers and your shoulder just starts moving when you hear a song you like. 
Current favorite:  I don't Want to Know by Marroon Five

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