Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mateo Is FIVE!!!

WHAAAAAT?  How is my baby FIVE??  His birthday was last week. I will never forget the excitement when he was born.  And he has had me "excited" almost everyday since. ha!
Can you believe it was one year ago that I was sitting in the hospital (pregnant!) and had to FaceTime in on his 4th birthday party??

This year his birthday fell on a Tuesday, so a "normal" day at school was on the docket. My parents were here though, and their visits make any day special.   The boys were up bright and early looking for presents.
Mateo was totally into his new headphones and hooked them write up to a Spotify playlist I created for him.
Songs include: Beat It, Another One Bites the Dust, This is What you came for, Cake by the Ocean, Sugar, and many songs by Twenty One Pilots.

It was pretty low-key day, but he was fine with that knowing that the "real" party was coming on the weekend.

Whole Foods supplied the "from scratch" cookies and cream cake and mami made sure there was a big fat 5 on top.
On Sunday, the regular birthday gang gathered for the USUAL piñata that the Espinoza parties are known for.  Gosh, these kids are getting big!
{Marcelo, Ben, Gabriel, Mateo, Phoebe, Norah, Daphne & Journey}

Paloma had a little buddy too.  They are going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Eliot and Paloma sitting in a tree...

The cake was another store bought (I am really slacking) beauty, but oh so good. And oh so easy.

Presents included:  a karaoke machine, headphones (with special Spotify playlist of all his favorite songs) , Spot it, Connect Four, Imaginext Superman and Abominal, Lite Brite, Superman puzzles.

He is one lucky five year old!  And I am one lucky mami!


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