Tuesday, August 09, 2016

We are Home + A Dream Mid Century Modern House!!!!

Hello strangers!
Remember me? We have been back from our Mexico trip for a couple weeks now, but I am still sorting out pictures,  Boy did I snap a ton.  If I can get it together, a movie would be the perfect way to show them.
Mateo and Marcelo are back in school. (pictures coming!) and we are still house hunting.  We have gone to see a couple, but nothing yet:(

In the meantime I thought I would share this DREAM home that came on the market (and went under contract immediately (for good reason!)

When I saw this house I was SOLD.  Never mind that it was 100k over our max budget (we could make it work, right?) or that it is located in Sandy Springs, just outside the perimeter. (GASP!)
Not in our desired area, but this house would be worth eating beans and rice for a year!!

Crazy right?? The search continues.


  1. Beautiful example of a Deck House! I was an architectural designer there while studying at the BAC in Boston back in the 80's. I think the model is a 7246 3 bay gable. The original design is very much in tact. The only nit pik would be the beam color which is not original spec.... but awesome.

    1. Yes so awesome, I wish it was mine:( we did end up buying a house that I thought was a deck house, but Deck has no record. It is from 1963 though, so the lady said that is not uncommon. Would love for you to take a look and see what you think?? It’s right here: http://cindyjespinoza.blogspot.com/2016/09/our-new-casa.html?m=0
      These are the real estate pics. As you can see much of the character was taken away with paint on all of the wood šŸ¤£Thanks!

    2. Hi Cindy, Thanks for the link to your house, fun to see!. 1963 was before my time :), but it certainly does look like a Deck House in most ways. Although some of the details dont seem original, mainly the windows, but they have probably been replaced, and of course the painted fir beams and cedar decking. The original windows would have been steel framed from that time. But more importantly, Deck house windows almost always are placed in between the post and beam structure, and the head of the window is basicly flush with the underside of the decking. The only exception being when a window is placed under a beam on the gable lower level. Both situations can be seen in the house above. That being said, I think your house is a Deck House. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to email me directly at: bs@ag5.dk


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