Thursday, April 07, 2016

San Diego: Part VI (The End)

Well, we had been watching the flights to Atlanta since Monday and they did not look great so we decided to stay another couple days in paradise. We packed all our stuff and got to the airport at 5:15 this morning hoping to squeeze on the 615am. Not happening.
Trying to explain flying standby to these guys isn't easy. "Why is our plane leaving without us? When are we getting on another flight?"
All the flights looked bad....except to Detroit. What what? Connections are hard to explain too. "NO! I don't want to go to Detroit, I want to go to Atlanta!"
We hopped on a 730am to DTW all seated together.
The boys even fell asleep the last hour. So far so good.
We arrived in Detroit and our connection to Atlanta was boarding. We got the last four seats and two of them were first class. (Which NEVER happens now that we have kids) YES!
Mateo and I took first class and Ernesto and Marcelo headed to coach to get in their seats. We were not seated together, so just as Mateo was starting to talk the ear off the businessman seated next to him, Ernesto and Marcelo come back upfront. There was only ONE seat in coach not TWO, as the gate agent had thought. Instead of splitting, we all got off.
Oh the joys of flying standby.
We are now waiting in the airport for a flight at 7p that has over 50 open seats. We should be back in Atlanta by 9pm (which is really 6p for us) The travel time sounds better if I use the San Diego time. Either way it has been a long day.
Our last week in San Diego was pretty great. I actually met two high school friends that I have not seen in a very long time. These two sisters were neighbors growing up, and now both are California girls. Don't they look it?
They are both moms too and we had a great time talking parenting, and reminiscing the past. Christine is getting ready to move to Amsterdam, but I'm sure Susan and I will meet up the next time we are out there.
Mateo y Marcelo were outside constantly with all of the neighbor kids. It really made me want to live on a cul-de-sac. Every day there were knocks on the door "can the boys come out and play?" And they did...for hours and hours. (consequently or not, this was the easiest month of bed times ever!) We even made friends with the neighbors. Jessica and Jalyn live next-door and have two kids that play outside daily. Jessica and I have a lot in common and hit it off right away.
We had a little girl time hiking up cowles mountain sans kids. Now THAT was a workout! She runs a successful etsy shop Ellura Sage (named after her beautiful daughter) and gifted Paloma the CUTEST dress.
The size is 12 months. I think a smash cake photo session will need to take place. Right!? Jessica is super busy and very organized. She really inspired me to finally open a shop for my jewels....lets see if I can keep the drive going!
Saturday was their son Jalyn's 8th birthday. It was an all day party! The bouncy house was huge hit!
One morning while Ernesto was golfing, I took the kids to check out a new playground in Point Loma. Just like his older brother, this guy is a climber with no fear.
What is it that makes my boys such daredevils anyway?? We will see in time if this carries through to my little Mexi-can-a. This little girl just turned 6 months! Crazy right?! She is getting chunky...look at the thighs.
She is the happiest, easiest, most beautiful baby! She is always everyone. I love her so much! La familia gave her so much attention the last month. Sadly, she may notice a change when we get home to where the kids outnumber the adults again.
Of course the whole month of March we enjoyed beautiful weather in SD. Although the water was too cold at the beach, the boys gave Tia Vero's pool a try.
Nope, also too cold. Ha! Maybe we will get back here before Christmas this year!? It's sure to be warmed up at the end of the summer.
I just wanted to share this awesome photograph that was in an art gallery in the San Diego airport. The translation is "there are also dreams on this side ."
We are due to arrive in Atlanta at 9:30 tonight. By the time the kids get to bed it will be a decent San Diego time:)

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