Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Arnold Week in Ohio!

This past week we flew to Ohio. This was the first time Marcelo needed a ticket (he's not a lap child anymore) and he was excited to hold it himself!

ALMOST all of my family was there and it was pretty fabulous. When we found out my brother Tim, (who lives in the Keys) was planning a trip to Ohio we made sure we were there too. (Unfortunately, we don't get to see him and his family too often)
Per our usual, we had such a great time together. I know, we are SOOOOOOO lucky to have each other.

My mom's garden was looking beautiful and the kids played outside A LOT! Except for when it was raining. Which was...A LOT! On one of the rainy days we all went bowling
These four cousins play really nicely together and I love hearing their conversations. So funny!
Movies were watched and sleepovers happened.
It was almost too cute!
The older cousins held the younger ones. Marcelo looks scared of Tylers new haircut (given by uncle Bill), but I'm totally digging it.
We hiked the trail to the library on the lake [by my parents house].
We sweated out a couple Crossfit workouts with the master.
This is me relaxing AFTER my workout.
We laughed our asses off at this website, How-Old.net. Take your picture and it tells you how old you really look. LOL. WARNING: It causes tears of laughter. My sister-in-law told me about it because she was really upset that it kept giving her grandma ages. It was so funny, break this out at a party if you really want to create a stir.
Are you ready for the funniest one of all?
Unfortunately I forgot to take screen shots of the girls. My first reading was 47. BUT! I took my hair down [from a ponytail] and I got a 36!!!!! That's more like it!
The grill master smoked up a pork butt (all night) and salmon too! We had a feast! Rain or shine, Paul's Shuttle gets the job done!
Lots of salsa was consumed and my bother Tim and Neto made a killer batch of pork tacos.
A lot of napping this week was done just like this...
They didn't seem to mind. Thank god I have great sleepers!!

We will be flying back up to Ohio next month for my nieces birthday party and a family reunion. This will probably be our last time on an airplane until the Christmas lights are up! Can you believe that is coming so soon? It hard to even say when it's still 90 some degrees here...but I know all too well how time flies.

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