Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good News: We are Expanding!

Yep, we are pregnant again! We are expanding our little family and my belly is expanding too - I am now 15 weeks. Here is the little nugget, who is sure to be another boy.

Of course, we will not be finding out the sex ahead of time (per our usual). Timing could not be worse with a due date of November 2...right in full swing of Christmas lighting season. That is going to be CRAZY!!! But we are excited!

My friend spilled the beans on Facebook a couple weeks ago while we were out to dinner with them, but he quickly rephrased. My niece is quick with her phone and captured a screen shot to text us right away.

Its not that is was too early to announce it, but I had been working on a blog post and wanted my Viva Cindy readers to be the first to know. Ha!

Last November, I turned 41. Believe it or not I'm not the least bit bothered by being in "my forties." In fact, I am happy with where I am at this age and I'm actually not feeling any real "drag" yet. Although, hell yeah, I wish I was younger. I try not to do any "how old will we be when the kids are in high school/getting married/etc?" calculations. It is possible that we will be 50 in less than 10 years anyway? How do I feel so young?

Anyway, on my birthday, I had good news and was not able to share it. I wanted to show you this picture ....

I know!! One of my cutest pictures ever. My little Marcelito a big brother too!! So exciting!!

We made Marcelo's shirt early. Like 5 weeks pregnant early. Ok, we may have jumped the gun a little, but we were excited to tell our parents. It was the day after Mateo's 3rd bday so my parents were at our house. The next day we put Marcelo in that shirt on the way to the airport with them. (they were flying home to Ohio and we were flying to San Diego) They were not focusing in on the shirt. Finally on the MARTA, Ernesto held up Marcelo right in front of them so they would read it. Ha! THEN they were surprised. Shocked even. My dad started laughing and said "you're kidding" as to say "are you guys crazy?" I think we all know the answer to that question.

Also dad, I would like to remind you that you had FIVE kids!

When we showed up in San Diego the whole family was getting together for a carne asada and low and behold, we were not the only ones that had a pregnancy announcement! Ha! Ernesto's brother Tavo and his wife Erin were pregnant too! What a surprise! (Little cutie Zackary Ray was born in March!)

We would've been having that baby THIS MONTH!!! But instead I had this picture to show you...

My first ultrasound at 11 weeks. Were you expecting to see a baby in there? Me too. It's called a blighted ovum. I had never heard of it. Probably a few of you have. It's very common. Actually 1 of 2 miscarriages are this... so maybe you have even experienced this? This horrible thing called a blighted ovum...that fools you into thinking you have a baby growing inside of you. Pregnancy symtoms and all. (which for me is just being extra tired, but still)

The egg fertilizes, attaches in the uterus and then somewhere when the cells divide to form the baby and the gestational sac...ONLY the sac develops. Wah-wah. Disappointing to say the least. I do feel like this


I had never understood waiting to tell people [until the "safe" 12 weeks]. Until now. Although a lot of you may not have known (I had not put it on FB) a lot of poeple did and that was the worst, going back to tell people. I got over it pretty quickly, probably because I never actually saw a baby in there. But women...you know, the excitement starts the moment you pee on that stick.

Enter 2015...and I can still use this adorable picture [with a little help from Picasa editing]...
It is the main reason we tried to have a baby again, so this picture would not go wasted:)
I guess this is when I start showing my belly shots again. Im thinking of what I could do differently this time. Stay tuned!!


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