Monday, April 13, 2015


You haven't seen this series in a while, but I had to ressurect because it's time to get some shit done

April is always crunch time.  I have a ton of work to do in my garden and I need to make a ton of new jewelry for my Spring shows.   This year is no different.  

We are leaving town in mid May for several weeks and I feel like that is a hard deadline to get some things crossed off our house to-do list.

Without further ado....

This Week's Wishes

1. Finish at least 10 new necklaces and 10 new earrings.  I need way more, but this is a manageable goal. (I hope!) I am working with a few new materials (leather and brass sheets) so some more time will be spent on newer pieces, but the Zafiro classics I can create a lot faster.

2. GARDEN!  I just purchased about 10 new plants/veges that need to go in the ground (which needs to be prepared) and it would be nice to do it while we are in this rain rut.  Would save me a lot of time watering them myself.  Also need to transplant several plants before they get to big.  

3. Post an update on our patio progress and my garden.  Both are looking fabulous, I can't wait to share.

And that is it folks.  Nothing lofty this week.  This is really all that needs to get done.  I have way more I WANT to do, but I won't try and fool myself that I have time for more.


4. Secure a buddy pass for my sister.  She always flys here to help me with Inman Park Festival. I need my right hand girl!  Any Delta friends reading and want to volunteer before I have to beg you?!

I hope you have a great week and GET SOME DHIT DONE! 

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