Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Here Comes Santa Claus

Just like in previous years, as soon as Christmas lighting installations wind down we head to Lenox Mall in Buckhead to visit Santa. 

 It really is the most wonderful time of the year.  There is such a sense of relief when we are finished working.  And the free time is so precious after not having ANY free time for the 6 weeks prior.  
There isn't anything I love more than the being with my family at Christmas time.  Walking around with a Starbucks in hand, shopping, eating out!  Ahh the luxuries of hard earned money!  Ha!
Christmas lights (of course!!) Christmas music and crowds of people.  I love it all! 

We were just hoping that Mateo would not chicken out with Santa this year.  Now that he can really talk, we were afraid there might be some reason he would not want to sit on his lap.  But au contraire.  Before we could even get in line (which was pretty much non existent at 11am on a Tuesday morning) Mateo had ducked under the ropes and went to introduce himself to jolly old St. Nick. 

Marcelo just sat still and starred at the white haired man without making a peep. "Ho ho ho" he said afterward.

I took a little video.  I love the innocent, quiet and nervous little boy that I captured. You will not be able to hear much out of his mouth but check out his hands.  So cute.
 In case you didn't pick it up, he would like a Lego digger, Play-doh, "a garbage truck and trash cans too"

New this year, we visited Macy's Pink Pig outside the mall.  We have seen the huge tent that houses the pig for years (only set up at Christmas time) but never knew what it was.  Turns out the Pink Pig has been a beloved Atlanta tradition for over 50 years?!   Where have we been?
Years ago, it was monterrail train above the toy department INSIDE of Rich's, but since 2003 it has been set up outside in a parking lot.
Spoiler alert:  Not that exciting!  That being said, the boys did like the little train.
When they are happy, I am happy.

And what the heck?  $3 for 10 minutes of entertainment for toddlers is totally worth it right?

Ill end with this cute side by side.
What a difference a year makes right?
Did/do you guys always go to the same spot to see Santa? For some reason I like having the background the same.

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