Monday, June 09, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Me (and Neto!)

{Ernesto's parents y 2 of the Espinoza boys and their girlfriends}

Ernesto and I got married thirteen years ago today.  I know, can you believe it?  I just found this picture at mis suegras house.  This picture was taken just a couple days after he proposed to me [at his college graduation party].  We were on an overnight boat from Barcelona to Majorca.  That trip was a magnificent 3 weeks long!  We covered a lot of Spain and I have a lot of great memories.  We didn't even have a digital camera yet (omg!) but we do have grainy nice prints. (btw, nothing can make you feel your age more than saying you remember life before cell phones and digital cameras right?!) Yep, this was a long time ago folks.

I remember I couldn't stop looking at my new ring on that trip.  So thrilled that it was official.  So happy that we would be sharing our lives together.  So excited for future adventures.

So naive as to what that really meant.

Oh, the highs and lows of marriage right?!  Ha!  I am proud to say we have survived and even thrived for 13 YEARS!  And I...a-hem...we, (right mi amor?)  have been on a serious high since having kids.  Although challenging, tiring, time-sucking, travel-inhibiting, and sex-retarding, being a parent brings me/us such happiness.  In fact, most days, I think I want another one.  (Notice I said I, not we) I know, I'm crazy like that.  But how can we stop when we made the two most gorgeous kids ever?!  #imaybeabitbiasedhere
 Life is nothing without adventure (I think someone famous said that) and we have always done a good job in that department.  More kids = more adventures?
Having kids is an new adventure and also the time you really get to know your spouse. Because seriously, you DO NOT know a man until you raise children together.  Am I right ladies or am I right?

I guess what Im trying to say is that Im glad you are my man mi amor.
I love you!  Thanks for living this adventure with me.  We make a great team.

Anyhoo, to celebrate our anniversary, we thought we would take two small children to the airport at 9pm and board a romantic red eye flight home from San Diego.  Wish us luck!

We did not make that night flight.  We got up the next morning and sat in the airport for 6 hours. (#standbyisabitchsometimes) Both boys slept for one hour while waiting and then we boarded the 4 hour flight.  Mateo was his "normal" active self, but in a twisted turn of events, it was Marcelo that could not be controlled.  Yes, my little angel Marcelo was the crankiest he has ever been in his entire life.  Pobrecito, he was so tired.  Not even the power of chi-chi made him happy.  Times are a changin'

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