Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Spring and an Easter Egg Tree!

Did you guys ever make one of these when you were growing up? My mom (and grandma!) always had Eater egg trees when I was growing up.   It says 'Spring is here' and just makes me happy every time I walk in the house. 

Want to make one too?  It couldn't be easier.

The first step is to blow out the eggs.  I used a small finishing nail and steadily made a little hole.   I moved the nail to peel back tiny pieces just to make the hole big enough to accommodate a small branch.  (Which I clipped from my neighbors tree!)
 Blow. If you make the hole about the size I did, you won't have to blow too hard.  But blow.
 Rinse out the egg and let it dry.  Repeat.  I made a fritatta one morning (with 12 eggs) and invited our neighbors over, but you could start early and save them over time.
This little guy was excited to help, but I hard-boiled 9 eggs for him color.

Notice one egg is missing.  Yes, that was crunched by little hands before I could even get it on the tree.

Anyhoo.  My colors turned out gorgeous, right?  I used the PAAS kit from the grocery, but you could easily make your own colors with food coloring.  I left the deepest turquoise egg in the dye overnight just to get a more saturated color.  It worked! 
Find a sturdy branch with lots of off shoots, place in a vase that won't topple (obvs) and arrange the eggs to your liking.  
Lesson learned:  Move it off the kitchen table to a place up high.  Trust me, I have already done the research for you. Kids and hollow eggs don't mix. Two down, 16 to go.
Hence the new location on the mantel.  Now let's see if we can keep this together until Easter!

Done!  Wasn't that easy?

Ok, blurry phone pic coming up, but it's just too darn cute to not share.
This was taken in Target.  Have you seen all their cute easter decor/baskets?  Im loving everything and was not even able to pick out easter baskets because there were too  many cute ones.  Oh well, I have time.  Do you guys go all out for Easter?  I want to and Target makes it easy to go overboard. I mean that in every way, not only for Holiday decor.  Seriously, do you ever get out of there for under $50?
I don't. Ever.

We just entered Spring officially!
Although we did get into the low 30's the last couple nights, I would say Spring is here.  Atlanta is blooming all around.  
This Carolina Jasmine is going crazy up my front railing. It's so pretty! 
I have a lot more to show you in my garden too (in a separate post).  This is my favorite time of the year. Everything is popping up and healthy! I am passionate about gardening until mid June when it gets too hot. I will have to enjoy these next couple months while I can!

Another sign it's Spring?  Homegoods and TJMaxx have the heavy garden pots in stock again!  Welcome my two latest purchases (on the left)!  The tall turquoise and cobalt pots were $20 each, and the same great quality as all my others (made in Vietnam).  They have proven, even with that cold ass winter we just had, that they are the real deal- no cracking! 

I wonder if I will ever be able to stop buying them?  I think not.  As my sister would say "how could I not buy it?"  Of course that is usually said about cheap thrifted black shirts (her addiction) but that is what goes through my head when I see these gorgeous pots.  The current count is 28, but I think I can fit more on our extra wide staircase. As long as there is enough room for you to get up to the house, right?

What are you guys loving about Spring (in the south)?

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