Thursday, August 15, 2013

Surprise Ohio Trip

Even though my brother and his family were just in Atlanta visiting us, when my dad suggested we fly up and surprise my siblings for my niece's birthday party,  I thought it was a great idea.
We got on a Saturday morning flight first class! yeah!  Mateo sat with his papi.  It was actually the first flight where he was interested in looking out the window on take-off and landing!
 Marcelo sat with mama, right behind the guys.  Yes I had the easier job, but hey this boy needs to go with the milk!  (Sorry mi amor, but he will also need me for the 4 hour flight to San Diego next week!)
 He was perfect boy on his inaugural flight!  The flight attendant brought his first set of wings!
 Ohio was a great escape weather wise.  It was 80 and sunny.  Not sticky like Atlanta. Just perfect for sitting outside, which is what we did for every meal at my parents.
 There was also a lot of napping and relaxing going on.
 I brought my new little portable bed for Marcelo.  My mom picked it up for me on Craigslist so we could take it to San Diego next week.  It worked like a charm, but Im afraid our little guy is not going to fit in this thing for long.  Oh well, it was only $10.  Good for a couple trips.
What I didn't have is a portable bathtub, but you know the kitchen sink is a great substitute.  

Eleanor's birthday party was wonderful.  We snuck in the back yard and everyone was so surprised to see us.  Barbie even cried (crybaby crybaby) and it made me feel so good.  You know I love surprises!!
The lucky little birthday girl wanted a rainbow Hello Kitty party and that is exactly what she got.  Barbie is a great party planner and always goes the extra mile to make a party special.  It's all in the details.
The cousins got another full day of fun on Monday.  It is just so cute watching them play. 
 Of course there was a lot of grandma and grandpa time too.
These sure are some lucky grandkids!
So glad we made the trip!  It was a little trial run for the San Diego flight next week.  If this is any indication, it will be a breeze....ha!

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