Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter 2013 (In Pictures)

After three days of hanging out with my family for Easter,  I am feeling stuffed! 
I mean... just LOOK at this gut!
Seriously, what a wonderful weekend of food, family and fun!  We flew up to Ohio on Friday morning and flew back Monday.  My little mexi-can was a true champion traveler.    
On the flight home he laid his head on my chest and was sleeping by the time we reached 10,000 ft!

Even though ohio had snow earlier in the week, it had melted and the sun came out for us. My mom had five trees covered in Easter eggs for the kids.

Mateo's cousins were waiting for him at my parents house.  They had so much fun running around.  Luckily we were able to snap one pic while they were still.  And, omg, isn't it the cutest?
{Eleanor, Mateo & Luke}

{serious static in the car}
We laughed a lot, played dominos, colored eggs, and laughed some more.
{coloring eggs}
Mateo found his Easter basket in the cabinet with all of my mom's tupperware.  His favorite place to play.  I guess the Easter bunny didn't want it to be too hard for him to find.

Also took some family pictures, which turned out so cute I had to share.

{my brother Bill, Barbie, Eleanor & Luke}
{Brother Brrrian and Fiance Kyja & Bruno of course}
{sister Jenny with hubby Scott (goatee),  daughter Kelli and her beau Alex}
{my mom and dad with 4 (of their 6) grandkids}
I hope you guys had a great Easter too!

It was in the high 60's when we arrived in Atlanta yesterday.  I think we are officially in Spring now. Yeah!  Time for gardening!  This week Ernesto is working on clearing out our back yard so we can build the fence and lay grass.  Im so looking forward to hanging out in the back yard.  Do you guys have any Spring projects you are working on?  Have you started working in your garden yet?

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