Friday, April 20, 2012

Dining Room Dreaming and New Craigslist Find!

Ever since we moved into our house, I have been wanting for a huge round table (60") for the dining space.  I think a round table is great for entertaining and I love the look of upholstered chairs surrounding it.
Here are a couple inspiration pictures:  (from my Pinterest)
Now, I have looked online for a table and there are several that I like, one being this table for $1600 (cough cough)
Room & Board's Adams table
Enter Craigslist of course!  60" dining table was one of my daily searches [for the last 7 months] and it finally showed up.
A solid maple table with 2 extentions making it 90" long.  Perfect for when my family comes for the holidays (ha!) and friends come over for dinner.

The lady was asking $100 including the 4 chairs (that I din't like) I asked if she would take $50 for just the table, she said $75, I countered with $65!  Done!  I love bargaining! 

Now I just need some chairs!

I love these from ZGallerie looking glam in all white with nailhead trim for $299 each.
ZGallerie Scallop Chair
This one from West Elm is great too,    also $299.
West Elm Curved Dining Chair
I found these chairs at a hotel liquidation center north of Atlanta.  
They are from the luxury hotel Mandarin Oriental in New York.  They want $55 per chair.  Hello?  These chairs are usually $300 upwards of $1000.  I love the shape and I am already dreaming of the fabric I can put on these beauties.  I would like a solid color on the fronts and a big bold print on the backs!    (mom, are you ready for this? It will be easy, right?)

I love how these chairs look, although I would never put white fabric (unless it's leather) on dining chairs. 
Im sure with enough searching/waiting, I will find chairs I love at a great price.  I mean this is what I do.  Decorating/furnishing a home is a process, right?  I could just go buy a set, but I like I to piece things together.  I think this is what gives a home character.  (This is what I tell myself anyway to help me deal with not being able to go out and buy everything I want.) Maybe it would be different if I had the $$$ to buy whatever I wanted, but then what would I search for on Craigslist??

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