Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Beautiful Baby Shower

Over the weekend Ernesto and I flew to Ohio to visit with my family and attend our baby shower.

Ever since I received the invitation in the mail a few weeks ago, I knew that the shower my mom, sister and sister-in-law were planning was going to be wonderful!
I had mentioned to Barbie that I really liked yellow and grey together and since we are not finding out the sex of the little Mexi-mouth, those neutral colors are perfect.  She took that info and ran with it! 

Barbie made this "Baby Espinoza" banner that hung across the fireplace, above the gift table.
As coincidence would have it, my mom's kitchen/living room is painted a bright sunny yellow and was a perfect backdrop for the party. 

Here,  the three ladies that put everything together.  I am so grateful to have such a generous and creative family!  Not only did they do the planning, cooking and decorating, they also bought us a car seat!  Thanks ladies, I love you! 
{Barbie, my mom and Jenny}
The food was amazing! There was an anti-pasta salad, chicken salad on croissants, 3 bean Mexican salad, brochetta, spinach dip, and a vegetable tray!  So delicious! My mom made several fresh flower arrangements from her garden too!  Following the bird theme we used cloth napkins with a bird sewn to them.   Notice the bird garland hanging from the light too!

I have really cut back on eating sweets during the last few weeks, but oh the dessert table!  I fully enjoyed as many sweets as my heart desired!  
{the dessert table}
Peeps, rice crispy treats on a stick, cherry and chocolate "bird nest" cupcakes, lifesaver "pacifiers", chocolate chip cookies, fruit salad, cranberry almond biscotti, bird cutout cookies...all homemade and all crazy good!  

It's all in the details?  Yes.  I about died when I saw the ice cubes with babies in them! Ha! But because there were some kids at the shower, we saved them for the adults afterward!  They were so cute, but a major choking hazard!!!
With a bottle of wine in the middle and a bird nesting on top, Barbie's diaper cake made me smile.  She even mixed in a few onzies!!
Cards were passed out to the guests with a fun "finish the sentence" wishes for baby and all were hung on the "wishing tree".  I thought this was a great idea!
After the shower, my family sat around while I read all of them out loud. 
Ernesto filled one out too. (when he got back from golfing..haha)

They were all so sweet.   Not surprisingly, some people in my family wrote funny wishes: 

I hope you learn....proper English  (from Jenny)

I hope you get....a really loud annoying toy (from Bill)
I hope you love....hot sauce  (from Brrrian)
I hope you learn....to wash your hands (from Barbie)
I hope you aren't afraid...of my awesomeness (from Scott)
I hope you ignore...my sense of humor  (from Dad)
I hope you laugh.... at your mistakes  (from mom)
I hope you grow..... a tree  (from Eleanor- 23 months old)

When the invitations went out, the hostesses asked the guests to each bring a favorite baby book in lieu of a card.  The little Mexi-mouth already has a great start to a library!  It was so fun opening presents.  I imagined my little one wearing/using all this great stuff and it made me so excited! 
One of my favorite gifts was from my sister Jenny.   How perfect is this?
There were many handmade gifts too, which are always apprieciated!  Barbie made a quilt/playmat using a great black and white graphic print on the back and different squares on the front....some had birds too! I really love it! A piece of art! 
Barbie also made my thank you cards to send out!  During the shower, she passed out blank envelopes to all the guests and asked them to write their addresses.  She then used those envelopes to draw names for prizes!  Now all the envelopes and cards ready to go. What a great idea Barbie!    

Along with baskets of cute clothing for the little one, my mom crocheted this blanket.  She started with a peach granny square that her mother [now deceased] made years ago and added on from there.  It is so special!  Thanks mom!
My cousin Treffry gave me this beautiful framed photograph of a real birds nest.  I love it, it will be perfect in the baby's future room.
Treff is a new mom and  I finally got to meet her daughter at the shower.  She is so adorable!  Treff said that little Tzova was wearing an Indian shirt [with gold elephants] in honor of me!

A few other gifts I opened and loved: 
1- Skip Hop Diaper Bag    2- Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers   3- Chicco Keyfit Car Seat
4- Boppy Pillow    5- Leachco Safer Bather    6- Activity mat

As if all that wasn't enough, I also received baby bath towels,  bath toys, a travel changing kit, bibs, hats, rattles, swaddlers, onzies and gift cards! 

Thank you to everyone!  Your generosity is overwhelming!  The little Mexi-mouth and I are so lucky to have such great family & friends. 
Every adult pictured here beat me to motherhood.  That is a lot of experience in one room.
I appreciate all the advice and recommendations!  I had a wonderful day!

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