Monday, June 14, 2010

Neto's Shelving Project

I wasn't fully on board when Ernesto told me his idea to add a shelving unit to our living room wall.  The whole wall.  At first I was not feeling it. I probably was thinking [$$$] it's a's so much work....yada yada yada, but when he showed me his drawing, it looked really cool, and I concurred!  (Plus, the reality is, we will probably be living here for another year or so before we can buy a house. We might as well make the apartment as cute as possible, right?)

Neto started by drawing on the wall and nailing in biggest part of the shelving unit where the tv goes.  He used MDF, and circular saw and good old hammer and nails.   We tested it out for a couple of weeks just like this just to make sure we liked it, ha!  Our projects are never quick, and this one was no different.  Lazy days, little by little. 
When he started painting the unit with a semi gloss white, it came together like an actual piece of furniture. and I was totally impressed.
Then came the fun part, pulling out my beautiful sand collection, and decorating the white shelved with some of my colorful "stuff" including artwork I have collected from Latin American.  I love how Neto made the little shelves especially for my sand.  I threw all this together quickly, but I am loving it! 
Next on the list for my builder:  a jewelry cabinet with decorative molding. 

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  1. looks awesome! i like how you included a pic with Nester's booty crack! hahah!


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