Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Preparations for Zafiro Jewelry's Debut

I don't know how many times I can say this, but my mom is THE BEST!!  While in Mexico this past month,I learned  I had been accepted to the Candler Park Fall Fest art show in Atlanta October 10-11.  My parents helped me out by mailing the application  while I was traveling and low & behold, I was accepted!  My first jewelry show of 2009!!!  Actually, it will be my first show under my new name Zafiro Jewelry.  

While I was in Mexico, I met Gonzalo.  He has a printing business in Guadalajara and with my design that was partially done by a designer in San Diego/and then finished off by Ernesto's cousin Mario, I was able to get them printed for a great savings (compared to US prices)  He is also printing matching price tags for my pieces. 
(stay tuned...pictures of cards, booth design and website coming soon)

So much preparation needs to happen before the show, and when I want to get things done, my mom is my perfect partner.  I can bounce my ideas off her, and she always, always comes up with great ways to make them happen.  Her energy never dies, I always get so much done with her.  We are great at brainstorming, and together we designed a new booth for Zafiro Jewelry.   I flew to Ohio last Wednesday, after returning from Mexico, and we worked for 2 days straight.  Here is my mom sewing a key piece for my booth.  (final pictures will be posted from the show) 
I bought several of these necklace displays from NILE.  They were inexpensive, so I was able to experiment.  My mom and I covered them with a linen material, and Im so happy with how they turned out.
While at Joanne Fabrics looking for curtains [for the tent] I saw these cardboard letters.  
I thought I was going to sew a sign on my tent, but then I started thinking...wouldn't these letters be cool if I painted them to look like a copper patina? I like the old world feel of aged copper and I love those colors too! 
Ernesto said he would help me, so we will see how they turn out.  If you have ANY tips for this faux painting, please leave in the comments.  Pictures and progress updates coming your way soon. 

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  1. i know this has nothing to do with your post but...your hair sure is getting LONG! cant wait to see pics from the show!


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