Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gardening Girl

I have been facinated with plants for a long time. Some may call it an obsession. Specifically with succulents. Case in point: jade plants. When we sold our house last year, I counted 30 jade plants in my house. I know. Ridiculous. I couldn't help my self. Every trip to visit my in-laws in San Diego I came home on the plane with Jade clippings. You see, they are the easiest plant to propagate and here in the land of never ending sunshine, they grow like trees. Put the cutting in dirt y ya. You have a new plant! I often find myself taking a little cutting from random plants around San Diego. I started to acquire quite a collection of different succulents.
Which I then planted in these cute pots that I purchased at TjMaxx for $2.99 each! (Yes, they will come on the plane home with me)
On to the next gardening project: Mis suegros front entrance.
My suegra would like a low maintenance, tropical looking garden.
She already has some in place (palms and birds of paradise), but not mush else. As you can see above. The Home Depot garden section is unbelievable in San Diego. There are lots of different plants than those in Georgia. We also went to Armstrong Garden Center, and I was in heaven! Hundreds of fountains were on display and so much pottery. (I go crazy for blue pots. When I finally get all mine in the same city, it will be quite a collection). The biggest selection of succulents I have ever seen! (check out this wall of succulents, also called a "vertical garden" -one day I will make this)

We purchased flagstone stepping stones, borders, mulch, and LOTS of plants:
bouganvillia, cannas, fan palms, coreopsis, lantana, elephant ears, ferns, and many succulents

side note: we took about 40 days to complete this project, even though it could have easily been done in one weekend.

Here are the after shots:
Although the plants may look small now, I know that things grow very very quickly here. We spaced things aparts so they will grow in lush, not crowded. We we come back in January it's going to look so good. Mi Suegra was really happy with the project.

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