Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Haha! This made me smile! someecards is the best site ever, if you have a sense of humor.

Even living here in Costa Rica, I hear more and more about living "GREEN." Many of the blogs I read are talking about it too and in honor of Earth Day, Inspired Room had a green giveaway, a $100 drawing for leaving tips on how you live green and how they make a difference in their everyday lives. I love the idea, and although I don't consider myself "green" I took a few minutes to think of how I live and what I do that could be considered green. I impressed myself. (although lamentable, some of my actions are not intentionally to be green, I do feel better about them now.
  • I use cloth bags for the Saturday vegetable market, and although I usually forget to take them to the grocery store, we re-use those bags for our trash cans.
  • I walk to work everyday (yes, i have to, but so what?)
  • I repurpose beer/wine bottles as flower/feather vases.
  • I don't use heating/air conditioning (that is easy since we don't need/have either)
  • I turn out the lights behind me
  • I take quick showers (this is in part because I'm scared Neto will surprise me with cold water over the shower curtain...yes, we still play that game)
  • I turn off my work and home computers at night
  • I carry my lunch to work in a fabric lunch bag
  • We dry our clothes on a clothesline (No, they don't use dryers here, but so what?)
  • I wear clothes (except gym) more than once before washing.
  • I have plants that requires little water. (so what if succulents happen to be my favorite plant?)
  • I don't flush the toilet every time I use it (much to Neto's dismay) "If its yellow - let it mellow, if it's brown - flush it down" That is usually the methodology I follow.

Not bad right? I know some of these are circumstantial, but......they are still green!

A few great ideas that I read an am very excited to start doing (once I have a house etc):

  • Composting. (my mom has done this forever and has the most beautiful garden to boot)
  • Growing my own vegetables
  • Using cloth napkins as opposed to paper
  • A not so big house (that should be easy since I don't have a job:)
  • Put a bucket in the shower to catch excess water for plants (isn't that one great?)
  • Barrel outside to catch rainwater
  • Recycle, reuse, repurpose - right? I love yard sales and Craigslist!

Come on! Leave a comment and tell me what do YOU do to live a green life

(even if by chance)

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  1. When I buy clothes, I wear them without washing them first. Admittedly, I only do this because they're the only clothes I have currently not in the laundry.


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