Monday, December 15, 2008

Encantada en Esterillos

Welcome to my 2 best sunsets I have seen in Costa Rica!!!
PLAYA ESTERILLOS After 4 weekends in San Jose, I thought I would die if I didn't get to the beach. Luckily there was a perfect reason to go. Bobby a friend from Ohio State was in Costa Rica for work, and wanted to see another spot besides San Jose. DUH! After the night out Friday it was pretty hard sticking to our planned 6am departure time. Kate and I were out the door at 710am to pick Bobby up at his hotel and swing by to get Lauren and Maureen. We had to pick a beach that was easy to get to (ie: no ferry) since we were only spending one night. We picked Playa Esterillos on the pacific side, roughly a 2.5 hour drive.  We stopped for smoothies (and baño) at this great place in the mountains and asked the waitress to snap a shot for us. I had been there once before and saw toucans in the trees. No such luck that morning. The view was enough.

Also along the way there is a long bridge over a river full of crocodiles. (No, no I did not shower that morning.)That is not so noticeable in this shot. Especially with the beautiful background (and friends) to distract you. The pictures on ENCANTADA website don't do these ocean cottages justice. IT IS THE CUTEST PLACE! My next campaign is to get my whole family here for a vacation! Here is the entrance to this LUSH little beach escape.
This was our cabin, which had one king and 3 single beds and slept all 5 of us comfortably. Bath w/hot shower (ha! I didn't even use it...who needs a shower when you have a chlorine pool?) little kitchenette front porch...and only a few steps from a gorgeous, non-crowded, black sand 10k beach. HEAVEN! After the quick tour, we were in the sun buy 1157am.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
The pool was blue mosaic and the perfect temperature.
 I was in love with the blue planters, boy, do I miss gardening! Encantada has an outdoor grill and is fully equipped with hammocks too! Maureen took full advantage
At 515pm we saw what was the most gorgeous sunset I have seen in Costa Rica to date.After the sun disappeared, the sky turned pink, it was amazing! We took a 5 minute walk to Arena de Fuego, a very cute open-air restaurant and were so happy with the 3 wood fired pizzas we ordered. DE-LISH! 
All of us fell asleep so early, but it was perfect. Do what you want. Anything goes on the beach.
Sunday morning we sat outside on the patio where we enjoyed the included continental breakfast. We leisurely flipped through all the US magazines (thanks Bobby) a luxury I really miss. Ahhh magazine flipping. Domino, Lucky, Martha Stewart, People, Self, Shape. Its the little things really.We finally moved our magazine party out to the beach where we soaked up the sun for several hours. At this point it was time to either eat lunch....or exercise. Maureen and I knew that if we ate first it would never happen. Kate and Lauren had already been out for a couple hours and came back with so many cool shells and sand dollars. (As a matter of fact, I think they got all of them, because I wasn't able to fine even ONE??? Greedy girls.) I didn't bring my running shoes (hello?) so maureen ran and I walked really fast. I was still wanting breakfast even though it was 2pm. Luckily, one of the 3 restaurants within walking distance serve til 4pm! After eating our fill of gallo pinto we moved to a beach bar at the Pelicano for a piña colada! Maureen and I decided it was the perfect family vacation spot. We made a bet who would get more (or any) family members to Costa Rica for a vacation here. Come on ARNOLD's, don't let me loose this bet! It is the perfect spot for a relaxed family vacation. Beach. Pool. Grill. Fishing. Canopy tour nearby. It's Seneca, only a hell of a lot better!! They even have wireless...did you hear that Dad?? You can bring your laptop! Did you read the part about millions of seashells mom? whole sand dollars too?! Ok really, I know my parents are not the ones who need convincing. Tim? Michelle? Jenny? SchaffNer? Kelli? Bill? eh Barb? Brrrian? Schhhirner??? Is June a good month for everyone? I will plan everything, can we just agree on a week?? Who's coming with me? Who's coming with me?
We started our drive back to San Jose right after another PERFECT sunset. This beach trip was exactly what I needed. I will now be ready for the snow in Ohio this weekend!

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