Friday, October 17, 2008

Habitat Volunteer Conference in Copan

Habitat was hosting their annual Volunteer Mobilization Conference in Honduras this year. I traveled with the other girls in my office. That night we stayed in San Pedro Sula, the city that we flew into. Unfortunately if there were any nice areas I didn’t really get to see them. There was, however, this beautiful church outside my hotel balcony. This trip started at 420am last Saturday from San Jose and here I am after being in Honduras one week… It has been a long one and I am a bit tired, but I have really enjoyed this trip. This Habitat conference brought together coordinators from about 10 different countries who run the “Global Village” programs for their countries. Global Village is what I did with Delta last year in India….a group of people volunteering (from another country) volunteering to build houses for a week. These coordinators receive teams that come to Latin America from the US and Europe and Canada. It really was so wonderful meeting everyone, and I really felt a pull to this type of job. They all love what they do, and it shows. It was very inspiring and this was just one of times where I realized that I did the right thing by coming to volunteer. I really love Habitat for Humanity and the difference they/we are making in the world. Here we all are one day at lunch. (I am about half-way down on the right)Besides inspiring content at the conference, the location was perfect. Here is the view from the hotel patio where we ate breakfast every morning. Absolutely gorgeous!The town of Copán Ruinas is a beautiful little pueblo with cobblestone streets, ancient culture and lush nature nestled in the mountains of western Honduras. (just 7 miles from the Guatemalan border) The streets are so pretty at night with soft lighting. No florescent lights like in the big city.Here is a better pic. It really captures everything. The cobblestone streets, the colonial buildings, the locals sitting on the corner with their cowboys hats. EVERYONE had cowboys hats, I thought it was so cool!
You also see a common mode of transportation here .....the little red tuk-tuks. (also called a rickshaw in asia) They are really fun and very cheap. I just love the name tuk-tuk. tuk-tuk. I would always say it with excitement (imagine that)......Yes! Let's take a TUK TUK!! The conference was at the Posada Real Hotel just 5 minutes from the center of the pueblo. We used the tuk-tuks to get into town. So fun!

A lot more to explore around Copan, and the weekend is just for that! No more itinerary!! Details to come ........

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