Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
I flew to Ohio for the weekend, surprisingly the flights were open. I did miss one flight while IN the airport. I did that on purpose for my family's amusement. Bill constantly teases me about one time that I missed my flight to Ohio because I was in a store reading magazines(right beside my gate). When I got to the gate they already closed the door. This time I was in the crown room and cut it a little too close. There was a flight one hour later, so it wasn't a big deal. I had to call Bill and tell him what happened....he made it a big deal.
Mom and Kelli were hard at work making the Wellman bread (This recipe has been past down through generations, ultimately from what is now Hungry. It is only made for Easter and Xmas) so I worked on jewelry and drank coffee.....I love just hanging out with my family. Nester and Smita flew in later that night. Their flight was delayed and they didnt get in until 11pm. So Dad and I pulled up in his new van......We made this sign before we left. He has been wanting to get one made because he is always making "runs" to the airport. This sign made Ernesto and Smita bust up laughing when they saw it...and we were too.

He is always going on and on about other clients and appointments he has with this shuttle service, how there is a premium price for holiday service and how the tips aren't very good.
On Saturday everyone had their own agenda, Ernesto, Bill and Barbie were shopping for fish taco ingredients (which were repeatedly requested) Smita came with me to a bead store...I was making some beautiful earrings, but ran out of wire. It must have been fate.....because I have been meaning to visit my cousin at his bakery for a while, and on the way to the bead store we had to pull over because we were lost. I called my dad for directions and he said "oh you are near Jims Bakery" I looked up at the sign and we were right in his parking lot. So of course we stopped in. Jim and his partner Lonnie opened Hazel Artisan Bakery a couple years ago. I was very impressed, all of the food was so beautiful....and then we tasted it. It couldn't have been any better. First we had capuccinos with biscotti.....I had almond anise (my favorite) and Smita tried the pistaccio.

They were so busy (always a sign of good food) so we went to the bead store and came back for lunch. We ordered the brie, prosciutto and fig jam baguette and the vegetable soup. DELISH! Jim gave us a little tour of the back. Smita and I wished we had such a great kitchen to cook in. When we got back to my parents it was time to color easter eggs. I love this. My family has so much fun with it too. We like to write funny things on the eggs. This was Smita's first time coloring eggs and she had a great time. She even wrote one of the funniest eggs. It said "Pauls Shuttle" - my dad cried laughing when he saw it. She made me a turqoiuse egg that said blog ass...Not sure what she meant by that? She fits in really well.....

Of course after the fish tacos (which were soooooo good, thanks Neto) we had to get in at least one game of Pass the Ace, and since there were 14 of us, the pot was $40. Not bad!
When Peggy got stranded at our house in Atlanta a few weeks ago, Smita and I promised that we would give a mini class of what we had learned so far in our bellydance class. We brought our jingle belts home and I dug up my long silk skirt that my mom made for me over 10 years ago when I took a class at Ohio State. We were showing everyone the most important move....the SHIMMIE. Here, SchaffNer gives it a shake....the video is even funnier!
We all went to church Sunday morning. The priest was a guy that my dad when to high school with. It was actually the best mass that I can remember. They had a guy singing who also was playing the piano, the keyboard and had a harmonica strapped to his neck, playing songs that I knew. (Brrrian you would've loved it) The priest is a jovial guy and you could tell he really loves what he is doing. His sermon was sincere and thoughtful. I felt good when I left. Smita enjoyed it too.

We had a smooth trip home. Paul's Shuttle dropped us off one hour before the flight and we arrived ATL at 6p. Ernesto and I walked to the grocery store then watched our last episode of Losty Lost! We are finally caught up! Needless to say we were back to the gym Monday morning....whew!


  1. You forgot the part when you went to the UPS store.

  2. Does Paul's shuttle take reservations on their website?


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