Saturday, October 20, 2007

Eclipse de Luna

It was hump day.....and I needed a party!! Luckily, Judd and Janine had birthdays to celebrate. The venue was perfect: Eclipse de Luna in Miami Circle, a tapas restaurant which always turns into dancing at the end of the night. As a matter of fact, the only other time I had been there I could not see ANY tables because it was so packed with kind of place! Below is the 3 piece band that was AWESOME!
I gave Brrrian a buddy pass to Ohio for the weekend, he had a few days off school and had not been to mom and dads ALL YEAR. Luckily he pays attention to his dreams (like me) and headed home.....first stopping at my house. I think I am going to make a new rule for anyone I give a buddy pass to, they have to stop and visit me first. I dont get enough attention here.

Anyhoo, I was already at Eclipse de Luna when Brrrians flight got in so he hopped on MARTA and took it to Buckhead. We had such a great time! I LOVE mi hermano!!!

Not sure what we were doing below.....but I love this picture of Brrrian !

There were some other funny pictures taken...we were making faces to see how many chins we could make....Brrrian posted on his blog....but I refuse.......

I went to Ohio that weekend too. It was great to be with everyone. Friday night we went to see Kelli play in the marching band at Wooster high schools football game. It was so fun, all of us just hanging out bullshitting and jamming to the band. They have a "drumline" too! After the game, for a half hour all the drummers stand in a circle and jam. I love how the vibrations feel, its just so invigorating. Brrrian got a cute video of me pretending to be a newscaster:

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