Monday, February 05, 2007

Quick trip to Nassau

Talk about last minute....Friday evening at work, my co-worker, Varsha and I were saying that we wernt doing anything this weekend.....hmmmm, a beach would be nice..... what flights are open?? We found a DEAL for the Atlantis Resort. Normally a minimum of $400/room. We shared a room and paid $100 per couple....NOT BAD! It Started off with a first class flight!! God I love working for Delta!!
The resort is AMAZING!! It is so elaborate, you feel like you are in Vegas!
(except the food is way overpriced and there is a gorgeous beach)

Here is the yacht we were looking to buy. We decided against it because it only slept 12 people. We will just have to keep looking.

Beautiful Fountains! Lamenting over that yacht...should we or shouldn't we?

We enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner at a local place. Of course after the $30 taxi ride each way, we couldve eaten at the expensive hotel restaurant for the same price. The atmosphere was cool at this place though...I like to try out at least one local place to experience the culture. Our Travel buddies, Varsha and her husband Dixit.

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