Friday, December 22, 2006


One of my best trips EVER!!! I went to India for 2 weeks with my friend Smita. She grew up in Bombay and her family still lives there, so I really was able to experience how they live. I fell in love with the food, ate 3 India meals a day and never got sick of it. As a matter of fact I came home and craved it.
There is no way that I can capture the essence of India through pictures.
12 million people in Bombay alone and you can tell. I have never seen such traffic, it took us one hour to go from Smita's sisters house to her parents...its only 7 miles. The sides of the streets are filled too, there are just SO MANY PEOPLE walking and biking. Its not uncommon to see animals on the streets either:

A spice shop
Worli seaface boardwalk
One of the 5 million temples

The Gateway of India: this is about as touristy as i got. Snapped this picture from the car.

I did a lot of shopping
The beautiful vegetable markets

We got mehndi on our hands- so awesome!!

Street food...Yummy Dosas!!!

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