Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Bill Arnold
This is my hilarious brother Bill, also known as Puckwaa.
I love him, he is so damn weird! He is the entertainment in our family, always making us laugh. After looking at his picture, you might think he is a redneck. He cut this mullet (ie. haircut that is business in the front party in the back) after letting his hair grow for 3 months. It was supposed to be a "mullet contest" between him and Nester, but Nester is chronic hair snipper and couldn't do it. Fortunately, he only kept this haircut for a couple hours, after which he shaved his head. His wife, Barbie, didn't want him to leave the house looking like this, however, he did walk over to my sister Jenny's house. I happened to be on the phone with her when he walked in, and oh, the cackle that came out of her mouth.....I knew it was something funny. Later that day I was looking at this photo and chuckling myself. What a
PUCKWAA!!! Usually he is very normal looking....

No really, here he is at his wedding June 2004!! Extree cute!!

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