Monday, June 08, 2009

THE LIST...38 Things To Do Before I Turn 39!

Wait a minute...I hope you don't think I'm turning 39 anytime soon! Please! I have 3 1/2 more years! (yikes that isn't long is it?)
Anyway, I am a serious list maker...I have a journal with me at all times, and whenever I think of things I don't want to forget, I whip it out.

THE LIST was inspired by a great blog Hula Seventy. I have been following her for a while. Her blog makes me smile. She also loves to makes lists.
I will be referring back to this A LOT over the next few I cross [hopefully] every item off The List!

1. take piano lessons
2. overnight hiking trip
3. get a job
4. buy a sewing machine
5. run 4 more 1/2 marathons
6. get Viva La Cocina [Mexican food blog] up and running
7. fix up Cannondale road bike and use it
8. take photography classes
9. replace my lost wedding ring
10. write a guest blog for someone else
11. scan my old pictures
12. hike Machu Picchu
13. wear a thong on the beach
14. finish crocheting turquoise blanket
15. get a Mexican passport
16. visit Maureen and Lauren in the US
17. have kid(s)
18. visit Lucy in Australia
19. Introduce [my jewelry line] Zafiro to the world
20. buy a parrot
21. get Rare back
22. do 3 proper crossfit [kipping] pull ups
23. open KitchenAid mixer wedding gift
24. paint a room turquoise
25. bake a cake or tart
26. make a wedding photo album
27. host a food cook-off challenge
28. sew a skirt & apron
29. tour Sonoma wine country
30. buy belly dancer outfit (like this from Istanbul) or at least take another class
31. get an iphone
32. embroider a peacock
33. read 5 books
34. frame artwork from my travels
35. use my FLIP Camera
36. plant a vegetable garden
37. reupholster a chair
38. buy a house


  1. ...wait til i'm out of my parents' place, plz! miss you!

  2. wow, i feel honoured that i am on your list. yes, please visit me!!!
    good luck with all the other fabulous things on your list


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