Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Talk Everywhere

Everyone is pregnant! A year ago I wouldn't have thought much about this, but I am really excited for everyone and find myself thinking...hmmm? That could really be fun. I love love love surprises so I would surely NOT find out the sex ahead of time. Nine months of suspense is right up my alley! What a project to document too. I have so many good ideas for pictures/blog posts. So many exciting things to think of: What names would I choose? How would I decorate the nursery? How long would I be able to keep up CrossFit while pregnant? I really do love change. That would be about the biggest life change I could do, right? Timing is everything. [Note to self: get a job and insurance...oh! and a place to live.]

I know this is total crazy talk coming from me, but I can hardly avoid these thoughts since my Brother Bill and his wife Barbie are expecting. I have to say, I am inspired.

On Sunday, Barbie's mom threw a shower for them. Baby showers are better than 4 Christmas' put together. Oh the presents!
I finished the baby blanket I started while in Costa Rica and I think Baby Arnold is going to love it! It was the first time using a zig zag stitch, which turned out so cool yet, so un-perfect (just like aunt Cindy).Here we are at the shower from left: Barbie, Bill, Jenny, me and my mommy


  1. Whoa, Nellie! If you're not sure, wait for the baby talk to run its course and gradually transform into "Why do I always have to change the baby's diaper in the middle of the night?" "Well, honey, I have to get up early in the morning for work and..." "Oh, so what I do isn't work?" "Now dear, that's not what I meant. I simply wanted to say..." "Well I'm simply saying you can share some of the responsibility, you work-shirking ne'er-do-well. It's your kid too, you know." "Now, you know as well as I do the tests haven't come back to confirm that yet, dear." etc. etc.

    Maybe try a horse first.

  2. Ha! I know exactly what you mean...babies are being born EVERYWHERE!!! And I too am starting to think...hmmmm. Could I do this? Your zigzab blanket looks great and I'm sure the baby will love it. The one I did is for one of my best friend's baby that's due in August. Hopefully it will be done by then!
    So glad you found me.

  3. That comment above was from me, Jamie....of Don't know why my info didn't show up!


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