Friday, October 10, 2014

Craigslist calling Atlantans!!

I think the best way to welcome myself back to the ATL is by doing a little craigslist stalking and I couldn't resist sharing with you the things I don't have room for....I hope one of you do. 

You can't go wrong with these classic cane/chrome italian chairs. I'm sure you can get them down from the $225 they are asking for all six. 

I love this vintage wood/faux bamboo dining set although what I really want are just the chairs. $275. Again, work out a deal. 

image 1

Set of seven mid century Thayer Coggins dining chairs for $275- that's a good price!

Mid century high boy for $200

Although a horrible pic, this mid century long dresser looks like its in great condition and it's only $150

This cool mid century floor lamp is only $40

Beautiful mid century desk $75- whaaaa? Great price.  Maybe the top is laminate?  

Love love loving this beautiful mint condition mid century sofa....if only it was not white. $375 is great for a like-new sofa, but I would still try to offer less.

Look at the pattern too. Ugh! My mind is racing...maybe I could put covers on the cushions to child-proof for a few years., ha!

Really cute  charcoal gray loveseat for $250 - I think it's new, but def has that clean lined mid century look. 

These two Hollywood Regency club chairs are cute and if the gray velvet is in good condition these would be a steal for $125

Beautiful Broyhill dining table with six chairs.  Polish this up and change the fabric on the chairs. Simple and $300. Done and done! 

If these two night stands/tables aren't really red as shown in the pic, I would be interested.  If they are red? Paint!  Love the square simple lines and the huge brass hardware is icing on the cake.  Both for  $225. 

This set of 6 vintage Thonet Cantilever chairs is pretty awesome and for $300 a good deal.  I would prefer them with a wood table as opposed the glass one they are pictured with...

What do you think? Do any of these strike your fancy?

I am making room for one think I found a few days ago while still in San Diego.  It's a huge wood dining table on a brass base.  I am going to pick it up tomorrow and I can't wait to shine that brass up until it sparkles! 

It will fit  my [6] dining chairs around it, so I am pretty happy.  I have been using my $60 stand-in dining table for a couple years now (also from Craigslist) and while it has been functional, it never was my style.  

I'll share pics as soon as it's in place. 

San Diego Part II


This was the kids first time to Sea World and they LOVED it!  They lasted until 430p (with no nap)

More playing in the sand....this time at Pacific Beach

 A little day trip to San Clemente
Eating seafood at Fisherman's [restaurant on the pier]

Primos at play (Mateo shared his favorite garbage truck videos with Julian y Jimena)

At the beach in Del Mar.....
This guy is not afraid of water or sand....covered head to toe.
Tio Tavo has a Go Pro camera and a drone he attaches it to and flies with a remote control.  It's crazy cool.  Needless to say the boys were fascinated with his helicoptero.  Mateo was all up in his business asking questions and wanting to fly it.

Day trip to Julian in the mountains for apples....Carmel and pie! Mmmmmm
It was a great 2.5 weeks spent with family.  We got home last night at midnight, after flying through LA of all places.  Those darn San Diego flights are tough.  The kids got to bed so late and still woke up at 8 am!?  Whaaaa?  So much for the time change.
Ernesto will be starting to install Christmas lights next week already.  It's time to get back to work again! So crazy how fast this year has gone.  We are looking forward to a great season and getting back out to San Diego when we finish up:)

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

San Diego Part I

Just strollin' 

Finger painting and box tents.

You know you're a Mexican when......

Playing at tia Vero's pool.

Running hill sprints. Wearing out Mateo at Bonita Park

A big. Ass. Agave.

Stealing kisses!

Hugs too!

Los promos!  Mateo, Marcelo, Jimena, Juliana

PiƱata time!!

Coctel y ceviche food truck

Cutest 15 month old and hottest papi

Hiking up Cowles Mountain 

We made it to the top in an hour (double our regular time)!

Playing in Coronado.


Karaoke and dancing.

Present opening!

New garbage truck = hours of enjoyment.  Gracias abuela!

More to come next week!!


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