Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time Goes By....So Slowly

This weekend was a welcome change from the constant traveling and influx of visitors we have had in the last month.     We had nothing to do and it was wonderful!  I worked quite a bit on crocheting my afghan.  Look how big it's getting.  Both Saturday and Sunday we woke up at 6am...but we didn't get out of bed.  We drank coffee and Ernesto read to me.  We are reading the book, Kitchen Confidential.  It's written by Anthony Bourdain, you may know him from his  show  "No Reservations" on the Travel Channel.   The book  is quite entertaining, we are learning many new French words and laughing at his graphically detailed descriptions of  his  "adventures in the culinary underbelly"  during his career as a chef in NYC.  We are only about half way through it, but so far Im loving it.  

I took my camera out because I had been wanting to take a picture of this.  I can't say its a sign of spring (since there is no winter here) but this tree outside our apartment has been blooming for the past week or so and it is so gorgeous!  I wish I new what it is called...anyone? mom?
There are bunches of bright yellow flowers that hang like bunches of grapes.
When I panned out my lens, it wasn't as pretty since someone had left bag of trash, which was then quickly torn apart by dogs, or the man who sleeps there on the strip of grass every night.  
Did you have a good weekend?  Were you lazy like me or did you do something exciting?

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