Friday, June 05, 2009

Mama Im Coming Home

When I was in college, my parents sold the house where I grew up in the country (North Lawrence, Ohio) and moved to Canton, Ohio. Even though I've never lived in the house my parents built there, I still consider it home. Home is anywhere that my parents live. We flew into Akron Canton airport and Paul's Shuttle pulled right up. I greeting them with my happy dance. You can't read my dad's shirt here, but it says Paul's Airport Shuttle. He said that business really slowed down while I was in Costa Rica. haha It was like we were carried away to a private oasis. This is how I feel in my parents' back yard. My mom's garden is amazing. We were home less than a half hour and my mom and I did a "tour of the estate" I was dying to see all her plants and flowers. Everything was blooming.My dad and Ernesto jumped into a little landscape lighting project, trying to decide where to place the lights. Here are some of my favorites:
Sweet Williams Chives

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