Friday, June 12, 2009

Garage Sale Mania

I have been looking forward to thrifting in the US. Friday's are the best for garage sales and it just so happens that there was a whole neighborhood sale by my sisters house today. We were out the door by 830am. The early bird gets the worm.

What can you buy for $30?
I challenge you to beat this. Here is my list of scores: (all pictured above)
  1. budda bust

  2. 2 picture frames (to be painted)

  3. black rabbit fur vest ($2!!!)

  4. hand painted mirror (I forget where this style is from-I want to say Indonesia?)

  5. vintage tupperware cup w/ lid

  6. striped make up bag

  7. 4 books

  8. red plaid shirt (for Neto)

  9. blue tank top with sequins

  10. purple thread

  11. seam ripper

  12. orange visor

  13. big gold earrings (cheapy cheap, but oh so stylish)

  14. wool plaid fedora hat

  15. 2 hummingbird feeders

  16. ginger candle

  17. tie hanger (will be used for necklaces )

  18. OHIO desk clock (which will be painted)

Oh, the $30 I spent also includes my lunch at Chipotle!

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  1. i would honestly kill for that fur vest. i've been on the lookout for awhile now... i bet i will see one out here but it'll probably be expen$ive...


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