Monday, June 08, 2009

Ayyy Kelli, To Be 18 Again

I can't believe how time flies! My niece Kelli just graduated from High school. I was only 17 years old when she was born! I found this pic the other day and my dad scanned it for me. I think Kelli was 3 and I was 20 when it was taken. Now she is heading off to college, my alma mater, The Ohio State University. (my sister is an empty nester at 40, and I don't even have a nest yet) Here is the beautiful grad with her mom and tia CindyKelli's graduation party was on Saturday. Jenny and Scott have a huge back yard, perfect for parties. The weather was perfect and it was so much fun - there we over 100 people there! Kelli and my mom are standing in front of an awesome picture collage that she made for her partyThe party went on long after the guests left. It was so cool hanging out with everyone. My brother Brrrian drove 9 hours just to spend 2 days with us. wow! Unfortunately, my brother Tim couldn't make it. The next day we all went to cheer for Kelli during her commencement ceremony. There were about 300 kids in her class. [read: long ceremony]
Since her last name starts with S, she was in the last row to be called, but looking very excited as they said her name. Of course when her name was called we made a big scene and held up a sign with her name on it. Everyone is so proud of her. Especially her parents. Who would have thought they would raise such a smart, beautiful and talented daughter? Just kidding SchaffNers!!We did lots of posing with the glowing grad, she wanted pics with everyone. She is a picture-ass!

Brrrian decided he would give his own speech at the podium after the ceremony.

I feel very lucky to know my neice so well. I really admire her. She is going to be successful in anything she does. Her "plan" for a major is journalism and photography, but we all know how a major can change a few times during a college career. ha! I hope she does stick with that though so she can teach me everything she knows! Im so excited for her, do you remember moving away from home and your first year of college? OMG! The stories I could tell. I hope she will tell hers, at least the edited version on her blog, which she promised she would start updating soon. I can't wait to hear all her adventures.

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