Thursday, October 05, 2017


Guys, guess what?  I am baby-less.  I have a six year old, 4 year old and that little girl above just turned TWO !!!
She is a walking, talking toddler. We met our "chi-chi cut off" date (which was very willy-nilly over the last 6 months!) and actually came in 2 weeks before her birthday.  She I was such a whiny baby without chi-chi.  haha
I mean...she's my last baby.  I have been pregnant and breast feeding for SIX YEARS...and man if I was younger there is no doubt in my mind that I would've tried to make it go years longer. Im crazy, I know.

Anyway.  Back to my baby.  She turned two October 3rd AND she started school this week as well.

She's going to the same awesome Spanish school that the boys went to, The Language Garden, in East Atlanta.  No crying for this big girl, she has waltzed right in and made herself at home.  This was her when I came back a few hours later, happy as a clam.

Same as the boys at her age, she looooves to hang out in the schools' pumpkin patch. It is so fun and pretty.

Since her birthday fell on a Wednesday, we threw a little soirée the Sunday before.  Kroger did a fine job baking some vanilla cupcakes with pink (and I mean PINK) frosting.

I ordered a dove paloma cookie cutter and started a tradition.  Paloma cookies on her birthday every year!

Los hermanos were RIGHT THERE to help with the blowing of the candles.

There were several rounds of blowing so the birthday girl could actually do it herself!

My dear friend (and former neighbor) took some beautiful pics of the birthday girl (thanks Carolyn!)

I love this picture above.  She always uses her finger to tell me...  "wait a minute mami, just a little bit mami, no, I do it mami."
I love this happy little girl.

On her actual birthday we went out for tacos.  Baby girl loves her salsa! And her papi!

Ice-cream [down the street from our house] topped off the night.
Then it was home to burn off those calories on her new scooter.
She's  picking it up quickly.  I think she's going to be a very coordinated daredevil just like sus hermanos.

Happy birthday Paloma!! We love you so much!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Mateo Turns SIX!

My biggest baby is SIX! 
It's crazy how much this guy has changed...even in just the last year.  The chubbiness is gone - he moves way too fasst/too much for that.  The hair is actually gone now too.  (The day after his birthday tio Brrrian shaved it!)  He looks so much older now.  Noooooooooooo.  
Ernesto added the mustache and it reeeeeee-aly aged him. 😂
Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon. I don't understand, but it's the craze this year.
Horrible blurry pictures, but at 630am this is what you get. 

Because his birthday was on a Wednesday, I planned a little get together at his soccer practice.  It was at a park with a playground and could not have been better.  Easy for mami and a blast for the kids! 
Pokemon was the theme (his latest obsession).
I threw up my little folding table, bought balloons, a piñata, cupcakes and drinks.  Done and DONE!
We usually throw more elaborate [food] parties at our house, so this was kind of an aaahaa moment.  Note to self: sometimes simple store bought parties are in order...and just as successful!

The kids were running all over the place and adults were able to hang out! 

Thanks for the soccer jersey Federiccis!
Did we bring a piñata to the park you ask?
Uh...... hello?
Most of the usual suspects made it to the party.

My parents flew down and it just so happens grandparents day was supposed to be the day after, but ended up being rescheduled due to a water leak.  We went anyway:)

Before heading over to the school, Paloma and grandma baked "Grandma's cookies" (oatmeal) 
 Mateo was excited to pass them out to his classmates as a birthday treat.
 His teacher Ms. Pettitt begged to keep all the extras. ha!

Tio Brrrian drove down from Asheville...
 Of COURSE I love having him at our house, but he is always encouraging shaving the heads.
For the record, I love shaved/bald heads on adults, but on my little boys, it's not my preference.  Of course my babies are gorgeous with or without hair (#biased) but it makes them look so much older with short cuts. Do you find that with your kids too?

Oh well.  Yes, I understand they are going to be picking their own hairstyles etc in no time, but I feel like I might be able to SWAY them for a little big longer.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

TWENTY THREE MONTHS {Paloma's Monthly Photo}

My little tan Mexicana!  Look at those legs!  That tutu! That smile! 
I can't believe you will be TWO next month.  Althoughhhhhhhh you are a big girl now and talking our ears off.  Repeating anything and every thing.  Running with your hermanos. And hitting just like them too. (stop that- you don't have to copy EVERYTHING!)

Just recently you are interested in some TV.  Daniel the Tiger is the only show that you watch from start to finish, but you get a little interested in Peppa Pig and Curious George. 

You are a bookworm.  Reading books to yourself daily, but love trying to convince us to read "mas mas mas" at bedtime.  Current faves:  Mommy and I,  From Head to Toe  and a counting flip book. 

Speaking of counting, you are one smart cookie!  "two, three, four" is your favorite sequence! 

You have gone pee pee in the potty a couple times, but our praise has not convinced you that this is should be a regular thing yet.

Friday, July 14, 2017

San Diego: Part II

It hasn't been all beach this trip.  (part 1 here)
We also went to Mexico a couple times. DUH!!  Even after all these years of visiting San Diego every year, I just can't get over the fact that you can drive to there for lunch...yes we did. 
We made it to a great restaurant recommended by Ernesto's cousin and it was AWE.SOME.
Besides having cute little props for the kids, the food did. not. suck.

This little mexican-a knows how to dress for any occasion.  Mexico?  How about an embroidered dress [from Mexico]?

Ernesto's brother Tavo planned a family day out.  It was a sooooooo fun!  He actually did some research on kid friendly restaurants and he did gooood! Right behind our 2 "family style" tables was a fenced in kids area equip with toys.  
We were able to relax, enjoy a few beers and indulge in adult conversations.  We didn't stop there.  The party continued at a beer garden close by (but I forget the name?!?) where the kids continued to have fun running around. 

On the walk there we passed this wall o' succulents that was magnificent.  #dreamgarden
Baby girl had no problem keeping up with her older primos. She was up and down up and down.

Usually Im not a fan of the fish eye lens on people, but this came out really cool!

We love being in San Diego for 4th of July.  Im not sure how many times we have seen the parade on Coronado, but it never gets old.  In fact, since we had kids, it is even better.  (although biking there -as we used to do before kids-was way cooler)
Yep, we were there early!

Definitely not usual for us, but we were meeting friends:)

Although the first time hanging out, our kids acted like old friends.  Isn't that funny how kids can just jump into playing right after meeting??

Beaches are just conducive to playing!

....and let's not forget napping in the sun!
Thanks to these three long-time buddies, we enjoyed a nice family beach party!

It's all about "fun" and finding something to explore when we are out here.  (although sitting at home with family also happens quite a bit, and that is pretty great as well!)

These guys have never missed an ice cream truck passing. 

For the first time in....EVER...we organized a "girls night out!"  I can't believe we had never done this before!  SO FUN!!!
We started at a cute place called The Goldfinch in Mission Hills.  Drinks, many delicious apps and photos.
We made our way to Little Italy, but ultimately only took a picture [with a GORGEOUS succulent wall]
and ended up at Mr. J's.  Drinks and a beautiful sunset on a rooftop?  Yesssssssssss.
We had so much fun!  A lot of laughs and NO INTERRUPTIONS.  Moms out there know this is GOLD!

The day before leaving Ernesto was golfing.  I realized we had not yet gone to Torrey Pines and that made me sad.  I packed up 3 kids myself and we started on the trail.  Man it was beautiful.....
BUT I should have parked waaaaaaay closer without a stroller.   We never made it down to the water. Everyone was tired and whiny = not fun. So I pulled the plug.  I tried. Wha-whaaaaaa.

After 5 weeks in San Diego, you KNOW I racked up quite a succulent collection.  
How did I transport all of them.  Well, in a diaper box, of course. 
Also could not leave without taking this piece of history.
Ernesto's parents are going to be starting some construction in a few months and you never know what plants may not make it through.  Ernesto and I planted this cactus probably 12-15 years ago??
It was just a couple feet high (if that!) and now its huge! I cut that bad boy with a kitchen knife and it was  the cherry on top of my carry-on bag of plants.
My three little bronzed Summer blondies patiently waiting to get on the plane.  (yeah right!) 


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