Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Trails...

Another beautiful day in Ohio and so my parents picked another one of their favorite bike trails. The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail was originally constructed in Akron Ohio in 1825. It runs 101 miles from Dover to Lake Erie in Cleveland (some construction yet to be completed){black angus cows bathing along the river}

The trail originally served as the path that mules and horses would walk to pull canal boats. We started the trail in Massillon and stopped in the small town of Canal Fulton. (the town where I went to elementary school) The still offer rides on a horse pulled canal boat during the summer. We arrived just as they were about to leave. The two Draft Horses are owned by the Heritage Society in Canal Fulton and I was glad to see how healthy and well fed they looked. (something you don't see often in Costa Rica) Ernesto has always said he wants to have a couple horses, and I am all for that. I love horses. (I told him that "I would let him" as long as I can have a dog, cat, bird, 2 chickens and a peacock- ha!) You can see the horses attached to the rope pulling the boat up the canal.
Walking through the center of town takes you about 2 minutes. It is really cute. At the center is Oser's Dairy & Deli, which has been there since 1954. My sister used to work here when she was 16 and my family used to go there all the time for a treat. The ice cream was delicious, just like I remembered.
 Every Friday over at the Inspired Room, Melissa invites her readers to share their beautiful moments throughout the week, I would say this applies!


  1. looks like a cute quaint little area

  2. What a lovely trail, looks like a fun day.


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