Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Plants and Planters

Can you believe it's mid June already? I have just a few more things to finish up with the Census and then on the 24th (ish) we are off to sunny San Diego, which will be such a welcome break from the stifling humidity here in Atlanta.  Back in March I showed you the beginning stages of my garden, and everything has grown so much in the last 3 months. 
It will be exciting to come back to our house and see how all my plants are doing in August.  I went with mostly succulents and sedum, which are low maintenance plants (ie: don't need watered too often) and come in so many interesting varieties.  If I come across a new one I have to buy it.  I will be coming home from San Diego with more plants.  I also have a request from Lucy for a California jade plant.  Anyone else?
Not only am I addicted to the plants, but I am addicted to buying the pots for them.  Blue pots specifically.  I just got done counting them and I feel a bit like my sister with her never ending jeans collection. (she can't stop, her famous line is:  "how can I not buy them?")  This is how I've become with the pots I see at TjMaxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods.   Are you ready for the number? .......wait for it.......38 pots in some shade of blue, 46 in total [counting non-blue].   Oh well, everyone has there vices.   All I know is that they make me happy.    I check on the growth of all my plants daily.   They are looking fabulous!  Look at the Creeping Jenny spilling over the pot in the middle.   Mint is growing like crazy in the pot to the left and on the right morning glory vines are starting to climb up the trellis.  
So exciting!  Are you excited?  Its so pretty walking up my stairs....take a look:
Look who else likes to walk up my stairs. Hi Rare.
At the bottom of the stairs I planted a couple tomato plants, hot peppers and tomatillos.  They were growing slowly.  I moved them a few feet to where they recieve a couple more hours of sun and I started watering them more often. Surprise, surprise they are developing beautifully!  Hopefully I can get a pico de gallo made before we leave.  
Ok, probably not going to happen with those peppers, but the tomatoes are looking ripe for the pickin'.


  1. Love your pots and plants. Very inspiring. I will have to show you a photo of my little garden although colorful pots would definitely add some spice!

  2. who's that little rare rare???

  3. hey schhhhirner! this little rare rare is a neighborhood cat that i seduce to my door with wet cat food and lots of petting. he will never be an indoor cat (he cries when i shut the door) so i am planning to get my own little rare rare in a month or so to be inside with us. thanks for stopping by schhhirner, hope everything is going well for ye.....


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