Friday, June 11, 2010

Biggest Yard Sale Ever!

When Ernesto and I were on our way home from the Dekalb Farmers Market the other day, we saw a few moving trucks being unloaded in front of the First Baptist Church of Decatur and a big sign : Yard Sale starts 7am on Thursday.  I made a reminder on my phone and we were out there by 715 am...along with hundreds of other people.  It was amazing!  My mom and sister would have died if they had seen it.  (this post is dedicated to them)
I was so excited, I didn't know where to start. There was a ton of furniture.  You know I had my eye open for a cool couch and I saw a  few vintage pieces that I would have liked, but by the time I found them, they already had "sold" tags on them.
It took a couple hours to go through, and Ernesto actually lasted longer than I thought he would.  He was excited for the pilsner glasses he found for $2.50 each (which I bargained down to a$1 at checkout).  Eventually he got bored and left me, but that was just after my friend Lucy showed up and so I went through things a second time with her.  I needed "the find" to jump out at me.  Pilsner glasses are just not exciting enough.   It was a little overwhelming for some.
In the end, which was just at 10am, I walked away with 4 pilsner glasses and a Mexican Talavera planter. Like I needed that.  I do still have this chair on my mind though and I may stop back tomorrow to see if they have lowered the price.   $50 is just too high for a chair that needs reupholstering and that I don't even have room for.  I would make room for $20.  Not $50.  The fluted back is awesome, don't you think?
Oh mom! I thought of you when I saw this: 

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