Monday, June 07, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I was really excited when Lucy, my new Census friend, told me that she and her husband are avid bikers, campers, surfers, etc. (I love active friends) As a bonus,  her husband is a single speed bike rider.  Immediately I thought about the east coast chapter of  Back of the Pack Racing that Judd has been encouraging me, Brrrian and Neto to start.

Luckily our new friends are equip with all the gear (ie: bikes, bike rack) since we are still on the hunt to purchase our own bikes.  Ernesto borrowed one of theirs and I borrowed Smita's, which was a a bit small for me.

Yesterday was our first bike ride together.  We met early and drove north to Big Creek Park in Alpharetta (25 miles North).

The trail was great.  It is a 12 foot wide concrete path with wood bridges meandering through the woods.  The disappointing part was that it is only 6 miles long, so it was a short ride.

This was also the first time Ernesto and Sean met.  Lucy and I were relieved that they got along well!  We joked about it because we were making all these plans and we said "Boy, I hope our husbands like each other." ha!

There minds think alike.  Oh, short bike ride?  How about some beer?  They insisted we reward ourselves for the strenuous ride with drinks [and food] at 5 Seasons Brewery, which was quite tasty.

Here is what else went on this weekend:
1.  Worked on Census stuff until 11pm Friday night
2.  Walked around Virginia Higlands Summerfest
3.  Enjoyed oysters and beer at Fontaine's
4.  Grilled a whole chicken [twice]
5.  Attended the weekly neighborhood pool party
6.  Made a new necklace...pic coming soon
7.  Drank Sweetwater IPA's (my favorite lately)

What about you guys, did you do anything exciting this weekend?

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