Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Gardening: A Listy-list!

Happy Spring!
Springtime in Atlanta is my favorite! Everything is blooming and the weather warm, but not yet humid. I think we came home from San Diego just in time. 80 degrees for the next week? Yes please! The Japanese Cherry trees above are in front of our neighbors house, so I get to enjoy them as if they were my own.
I had major ganas to work outside on my garden. A container garden.
The other day I got all my pots out of the garage and filled them with soil. I took my house plants out too so they could enjoy this 80 degree weather! I love how they welcome us home.As you can see, I have a bit of an obsession with blue masetas. (planters) Over the years I have collected many. TJMaxx and Marshalls both carry planters for a fraction of the cost of a garden store. This is where the majority of mine are from. I just can't pass up a deal!
The big greenish square pot (above) I purchased this spring for $20! The bright blue one next to it I got for $4. (I bought a slightly bigger one for $6) The mosaic pot [on the stairs] was a project I did about 10 years ago with a $4 pot from a dollar store. (another great source for garden supplies) I brought home quite a few talavera pots on our recent Mexico trip, but you can sometimes find these in TJMaxx as well. (albeit randomly).

My other obsession: succulent plants. I have told you this before. I can hardly resist buying every variety I see. On our trip out west I didn't have to resist...and I didn't have to buy either. Succulents grow like weeds there, and I helped myself to as many as I could carry. The jade plant pictured above is fresh off the plane from San Diego.
Yesterday I stopped at Home Depot just to see the selection of plants that were out. I ended up buying a few plants and making a mental note of other I would like to include in my container garden this year.
Listy List: Garden Plants for 2010
1. Grape tomatoes
2. Roma tomatoes
3. Jalapenos
4. Morning glory vine (heavenly blue)
5. Moonflower vine
6. Nasturtium
(these I am starting from seed and will grow on the railing)
7. Ogden Sedum
8. Stonecrop-dragon's blood
9. Stonecrop -copper button
10. Hens and Chicks
(all are sedum and pictured below in order from L to R)
I will show pictures of everything once it is planted. I still have a few big pots to plant yet.

The house right beside us and has been abandoned for years. (pictured below) It recently went up for sale. It is more than a fixer-upper, I think it is a "tear-er downer". ** We live in a historic neighborhood (Old 4th Ward, MLK house is only one block away) and Im sure there are guidelines when fixing up a house or building a new one. It is just a thought. It would be so convenient to renovate a house while living next store. (right mom and dad?) It's intwn Atlanta and it is a duplex, so it would be a great investment. Plus we could rent it out (Brrrian!) when we are living in Mexico in the off season of the Christmas lights! (I'll never give up my dream. The more you talk about it, the more likely it is to happen)
**this picture does not make the house look so bad, but trust me, the outside is torn up. The siding (which could be asbestos) is falling off. I can only imagine what the inside looks like. We are going to make an appointment to check it out, so I'll let you know.

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  1. If it has crown molding, you should buy it.


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