Thursday, June 17, 2010

Craigslist and TJMaxx!

The other day I showed you the sofa that I am drooling over at Crate and Barrel. Well, have I mentioned that I am addicted to surfing Craigslist?  Im not sure why I keep looking at Craigslist in Ohio, but when Im done browsing Atlanta, I pick another city.  Ohio is an easy choice because I have family there.  It never fails, whatever you are looking for will eventually turn up on Craigslist.

Find of the week:
Check out this vintage sofa and chair set! 

I don't ask my family for too many favors, but I really need one now from my kin in Ohio!   Come on family!  I sent out an email but only got sarcastic remarks.  I am serious guys!  I want this set!

I guess I will have to call Paul's Shuttle Service out of Canton.  He has been reliable in the past with pick ups and deliveries.  Hopefully he can do it!

Deal of the week:
Maybe this is the deal of the year!  I haven't been shopping too much since I started working again, but when I have gone, it has been all about buying pots and plants this summer.  I haven't bought any shoes, and very minimal clothing.  Yesterday, when I stopped in TJMaxx, I saw these Cole Haan leather platform sandals and I broke down.
Nothing to feel bad about though, they were on sale for $41!?  "WOW! THAT'S A LOW PRICE!"  Yep. I know.  I am loving the woven leather on the wedge heels, I feel like I just stepped out of Lucky Magazine!  I wore them today and almost broke my ankle (twice).  Ha!  I am not used to wearing heels anymore.  I have spent the last 2 years in flip flops/running shoes and really have lost my balance.  After one day of practice though, Im ready to run in them. (they are Nike Air too, so very comfortable)  Ooooh Im so tall in them.  I love it!

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