Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Daddy Dearest!


Last year, I interviewed my mom for mothers day and it was so fun!  I decided this year I would ask my dad some questions to celebrate him on Fathers Day!  He answered them in "true dad style"  making me laugh several times.  Maybe before you read this "interview...interview" you should look at this post to get some background on Paul Arnold, the best dad I could ever ask for!  
I love you dad!  Thanks for all you do for your family! 

1. Why did you marry my mother?
Because she was [and is] beautiful, loved me & was so easy going. I also knew she would be a great wife & mother. Boy was I right on that.

2. How did you feel when your first child was born? How did you think your life would change?
What about after the 5th kid?

I was so happy & proud to be a dad. I remember calling everyone I knew. I did not think my life would change a great deal & it really didn't. Mom took care of Tim & I went to work.
After the 4th kid I thought ...what is one more?

3. What did you enjoy most about being a Dad? Least? How has that changed now that your kids are grown?
Most- The good times - trips, ballgames,school activities dancing, singing & wrestling on the living room floor.
Least- Kids getting their drivers license, kids having parties when we are out of town, girls getting boy friends & the inability to convince a baby sitter come back a second time.

Now that they are grown, I enjoy being friends with my kids & getting together as a family.  I also enjoy the extra cash they provide by using my shuttle service.

4. Are there things you wish you had done differently as a father?
Spent more time with the kids & less time working on the house. I guess you just did what you had to do to make ends meet.

5. In what ways are we alike and in what ways are we different?
We are very much alike. We procrastinate, we like to party & be with people. Both of us retired early. Ways we are not alike ? Car maintenance, getting to the airport on time & carrying a wallet aren't concerns of Cindy.

6. Besides me, who is your favorite child? Ernesto!!!! ha ha
No really, what is one good memory you have of me in my childhood, and one bad? (but not too bad please)
Good - Dancing with "Minnie" to the song Delta Dawn.
Bad - Trips to the emergency room. Once she ate fish food & another time she shoved a peanut up her nose

7. What is the secret to raising good kids? I mean you do have 5 of them.
First is to make sure they have a great mom. Make sure they are involve in things & try to encourage them in everything they do.

8. Do you think today’s fathers have it harder, easier or just different?
I think it is just different. Today parents usually both work so when they have free time they seem to dedicate it mostly to their kids. I think that is good. 

9. What do you want to make sure that your grandchildren will remember about you?
Hopefully that Im loving & supportive. I hope they will feel I am are part of the reason they have great parents. I think that the three of my kids who are parents have really committed themselves to being great parents. When their time comes, I also feel that the other two will do the same.

10. Do you think Paul's Shuttle Service would have been so successful without your kids? What do you think the future holds for PSS?
I think without my kids the business would have failed long ago. Probably would have never gotten of the ground. I truly thank my kids for allowing me the opportunity to start the business. I think it has been good because the volume of traffic has been steady & profits have always been consistent. Not always good, but consistent. 
I think the future looks good as I am thinking of adding trailer & food delivery services. I got some new business last week as I was able to provide travel services for my granddaughter. Hopefully my business will grow as all the grandkids get older. 

11. Seriously Dad, How do you think you "get yourself into these things" so often?
I can't keep my mouth shut when I see that someone may need help. I always think I need to be involved in others problems.

Bonus Question - Let's settle the score once and for all Dad:
Do you or do you not, love it when your children make fun of you and quote you?

I hate it. I would rather be ignored. Haha!!

Sorry Dad, I don't believe that for a second, anyone else?

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