Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wednesday Weekly: Favorite Childhood TV Shows

This weeks list is short but sweet. We weren't huge TV watchers when I was growing up, but I definitely had my favorites. Now when I think of this list, it's not just the shows that make me smile but the memories of my family life around them.

The Jeffersons -My dad got home from work every night at 5:30p, which is when this show came on. When it was over at 6pm we sat down for dinner. Every night.

Knight Rider and Dukes of Hazzard - These shows make me think of the big green Tupperware bowl that my mom served popcorn in every Friday night when we watched. Btw, She still has this bowl. Good quality that Tupperware.

Love Boat - Saturday nights, after my mom's homemade pizza. We weren't able to watch this show at first because my mom thought "it's not for kids" but when her mother told her it was a good show - we were allowed.

Transformers- everyday after school. Come on, I had 3 brothers so it was on anyway.

What were your favorite shows? Im sure I have forgotten a couple. Mom? Siblings? Any other memories come to mind?

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