Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Morning Menudo

It was a long night. You hadn't intended on drinking so much. [A shot of tequila for everyone! yeah!] You sure as hell didn't expect to cross the border partying in TJ and roll in at 4am to your parents house.

But alas, it is 9am and there is a delicious smell wafting up the stairs into your bedroom. Summoning you to the kitchen.

You are not sure why or how cow's stomach lining makes it all better, but it does. The hangover is gone....and so the mystery of menudo lives on.

If you can overlook what it is you are eating, the flavor of this classic Mexican soup is going to blow you away.
Menudo (recipe from mi suegra)

6-7 lbs tripe
2-3 cans hominy
1 head of garlic
18oz can of chile colorado (brand: Las Palmas)
2 tablespoons of dry tomato broth powder (or 1 cube)
salt and dry oregano

Rinse tripe and cut off excess fat. Chop into cubes. Put in dutch oven or large pot. Fill with water. Add salt and simmer covered for 2 hours. Add Chile Colorado, tomato broth and a pinch of oregano. Simmer one hour more.

Serve hot with chopped onion and cilantro and spicy chile sauce as garnishes.

To make spicy chile sauce:
toast a handful of dried chile de arbol peppers.
Add them to a blender with one clove of garlic and a 1/4 cup water. Serve on the side to add spice as needed.

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  1. Ha ha! Oh gosh I wish I could handle tequila, it hates me. But oddly, that does look like a good cure.

    I'm going to try the salad from the previous post!

    Have a fab week *I'll be back*


  2. We were just talking about Menudo at work today. I am wondering if you can help me? I have become known as the person who can find and cook anything at work. My boss said she used to get these Mexican pastries when she lived in Southern California. She said they were round with an egg coating on top. She doesn't know what they are called. I have never heard of anything like it. Any guesses?

  3. @Nicole - I know the pastry your boss is talking about, but Im not sure of the name. I went to google images and put "mexican pastries" to come up with a it and didn't find one. I guess you will have to pop into a mexican bakery, as they are very common and will for sure be there.


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