Monday, March 01, 2010

Hiking Mt Miguel in San Diego

We are always looking for a new area to explore. There is a mountain in clear view from mis suegros house with a bunch of antennas at the top. It's called Mt. Miguel. I mentioned here that we did hike it yesterday, but wanted to post more details, mainly because there is very little online about this awesome hike, so hopefully this will help people find it.

**Directions to trail at end of post.

Mt. Miguel is 2,559 ft high. It took us 90 minutes to get to the top. 60 minutes back down.
This view is just 10 minutes off the street. Trail is narrow dirt and at some points very rocky.

The peak in the distance [showing in the sun] is Mt Miguel.
In one direction you can see all of San Diego.
In the other direction you see beautiful green mountains.About half way up and we can see downtown SD, Mexico, Sweetwater Resevoir, and Otay Lake. Whew!
We interrupt this post for a special announcement...........
Just kidding! (Do you really think that this is where I would tell you? You're right, maybe I would....but not now) Behind my big tummy you can see that there are a bunch of raggedy looking branches. Those California brush fires that we hear about every summer? Well Mt Miguel was host to one in 2007 (picture here). Although it is very green now, the burning bush skeletons remain.
We finally reached the last push to the top. See the antennas? Just a little further.
The whole trip I was keeping my eyes peeled for rattlesnakes. Instead I saw this animal print.
Ernesto said it was a dog, but unless this was a Great Dane, I think it's way too big to be a dog.
Yep, a mountain lion...that's what I thought too.
Awesome views, beautiful day!

**Directions to trail: Take the 125 to the H street exit. This turns into Proctor Valley Rd. The entrance to the trail is off Proctor Valley Rd between Duncan Ranch Rd and Coastal Hills Dr. Park on Duncan Ranch Rd (it's residential) and walk out to Proctor Valley and take a left, trail will start just off the sidewalk about 1/4 mile down on the left)


  1. I'm planning in hiking there soon.

    Thank you for posting the direction.

  2. this is one of my most popular posts. not too much info online about this hike. it is a great one though and in the next couple months it will be beautifully green like these photos. i also went in late summer and it is dry and brown.

  3. I am hiking it today.

    The weather's fair, and I should be catching the sunset in the descend.

  4. Nice hike! :D I have cycled up Mt San Miguel but have never hiked it. That's some exercise!

    Btw, I'm afraid Ernesto has it right about the spoor, tho. That's a dog spoor (maybe a coyote?) rather than a big cat's (cat spoor have three humps at bottom and their claws are retracted when walking. Dogs have two humps and and sharp nail prints). :)


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