Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

The NCAA basketball tournaments started today on the west coast at 930am. The ONLY reason I know this is because Ernesto was in a rush this a.m. to get our workout done before all the "madness" started. (crossfit on the beach was awesome by the way) He has 2 or 3 brackets filled out and will be watching closely for the next 3 weeks. Maybe he will win the $1 million on the yahoo bracket pull. whatever.

When I saw my friend Lauren had posted her brackets here (originally from jezebel) I decided I would get in on the fun too!
It was really hard deciding my picks. In the "final four" coffee cake vs. carrot cake and cherry pie vs. apple.
My final cake choice was carrot cake and [since blackberry pie was not in the running] cherry won for pies....and for overall champion! Im a pie girl!

If you aren't into all the hype with the basketball tournaments (or even if you are) leave your cake vs. pie champion in the comments. Im curious.

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