Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to the ATL & Fit Fridays

Being home these last few days have been wonderful. We had such a great summer in San Diego and Arnold week with my family in Ohio was awesome!   I think it really makes you appreciate things if you leave for a while.  I guess that is why they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, or that you don't know what you have until it's gone.  
Walking up our stairs with all my plants and beautiful pottery was such a great feeling.  (A few plants did not pull through, but since I have mostly succulents, the garden still looks great) 
{thriving succulents}
{more succulents}
{rosemary and creeping jenny}
Yes, our apartment is only 600 square feet, but I missed our little place.  I missed our cozy living room, the soft sheets on our bed, and our well-equipt kitchen.  Mostly I missed being alone and making dinners with mi amorrrrr.  We jumped right back into cooking and made 2 new recipes this week.  I picked this one, a seared steak and edamame salad, and slightly adapted the recipe.

{sorry for the horrible picture with flash, it was 10pm and I was hungry}
Even though there was a lot going on this week, I managed to squeeze in a few workouts.

Saturday: rest
Sunday: Gillian Michaels DVD (it was tough!)
Monday: Crossfit  10 minutes of non-stop burpees (it doesn't sound hard, but try it!)
Tuesday: rest [in the airport all day]
Wednesday: run to Kroger and walk home with groceries (2.5 miles)
Thursday: rest
Friday: Crossfit  "Fran" pictured below.   3 rounds - 21-15-9 [reps]  of thrusters and pull-ups
One other reason Im happy to be home:  Hi Rare little ti ti was waiting!

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