Monday, July 05, 2010

Sell Some, Buy Some

Right before I left Atlanta, I sold these Zafiro pieces.  
 Due to my sales,  I could justify spending.  Sell a little, buy a little.  This has been my unemployed way of thinking and it works out well.   Last weekend, I saw that  Gem Faire was in San Diego.  That is where I saw my wedding ring  back in March and blew the budget out of the water. ha!  I saw Dennis and Cathy Johnson again of Blue Gem Trading Co.  and told them how happy I am with my ring.  In addition to southwest jewelry they sell  a lot of antique and estate jewelry.  A unique ring in their booth jumped out at me.  I would love to wear this vintage Tiffany & Co. ring.

There is something about bright gold, this one is 18k.  I have always loved Lapis, not to mention the 14 diamonds on the sides and twisted gold lines.  Ok, didn't buy.  Back to things I do need.

Gold chain.  I needed gold chain.  I had a budget of what I could spend at the show and adhered to it fairly closely.   But, as the saying goes, "you have to spend money to make money."
I needed more chain, and unfortunately, money doesn't go too far with gold.  I bought 70 feet of chain and 1oz of 26 gauge gold wire.  Even though I didn't NEED any more gemstones, it is so hard to resist the hundreds of vendors with beautiful stones everywhere you look.  I did want more labradorite for a specific necklace Im working on.  It is one of my favorite stones and I couldn't pick just one strand so I bought 3:  briolettes, tiny onion cut and marquis cut.  I splurged last minute on the lapis lazuli briolettes.  Look at the rich blue color, isn't it beautiful?  Im going to pair them with a lot of gold and make sure the design screams middle east/exotic- a tribute to the gorgeous ring I didn't buy! 
I started this chalcedony necklace the other day, so I added the new labradorite and I love how it is coming along.  It is 18" long and has beautiful iridescence and sparkle.  Plus all the richness of gold.  Why do I love gold so much?  LOVE.
Here I used the marquis cut labradorite with brilliant blue apatite briolettes on gold [again]. 
These two necklaces look so good paired together.  I will be trying to get all of my pieces pictured and up on my website soon.  Busy busy.  

To aid in accomplishing my goals this summer, my niece Kelli and I are going to start reporting our weekly goals to each other (which will eventually get to the blog I imagine) It's all about accountability!  (Im trying to pump myself up here)  I am also going to be setting big goals for the xmas lights this season.  Its going to be the BEST. YEAR. EVER. 

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