Friday, July 30, 2010

Fit Fridays: San Diego Part 5

Well, we are on our last full week here in San Diego.  I wish I could say it was a fit one, but alas the entertaining, the beers.....The below picture is from a bar called Toronado in North Park, a cool little neighborhood just north east of downtown.  I sampled a few local beers which were to my liking, unfortunately I forget the names. 

 I have not always been a beer snob, but long gone are the days that I drink any 'ol beer just to drink.  It seems in the last year I have really zeroed in on my favorite type:  IPA's.  (more hops please, I like it bitter)
Our Atlanta friends left Wednesday night, so we are trying to get back to our "regular schedule" ( there is such a thing)  Entertaining all week left us no time to work out.  That sounds so believable, doesn't it?  Truth is, we didn't even leave the house before 2pm any of the days they were here, so there was plenty of time to work out.  I will just say what I always say when we skip workouts, "it's good to give your body a rest now and again." 

Since both of our friends has already been to San Diego, we didn't have a long list of "must see-and-do's."  And despite never leaving the house early, we had quite a busy week.

Hiking Cowles Mountain this morning, is about the only thing I would qualify as a workout, but....

Here is the week in pictures:

{hanging out at Balboa Park}

{visiting sea lions and seals in La Jolla}

{making a friend at Torrey Pines}

{hiking Cowles Mountain}

{cochinita pibil tacos}

{watching los Padres at Petco Park)

{kayaking La Jolla caves}

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