Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fit Fridays: San Diego Part 3

Hola from San Diego!  It has been hot here this week (in California terms).  Im not complaining, trust me.  I feel so lucky to be missing the humid east coast weather.  This sunny, low to mid 80's weather has been ideal for workouts, cookouts, and layouts [at the beach].  That pretty much sums up my week.

In addition to that, we have been playing an exorbitant amounts of Hand and Foot  [card game].  Mi suegra can't get enough of it.  She is quite competitive and asks us to play nightly by saying "tienes miedo?"  (are you scared?)

I am speaking espaƱol everyday by the way.  This alone makes me a happy girl.  What is my obsession with Spanish you ask?  I love the language.  Speaking Spanish fluently is the one of the only goals I can think of in my life that hasn't been forgotten or modified.   That has to mean something.  Your true passions will stick with you throughout your life, right?  

I hear new words or phrases all the time and laugh at myself when I mess up verb tenses that I should know after 15 years of studying.  (ok, truth be told,  Ernesto is really the one who laughs at me, I   kick myself...come on dumb a$$, 15 years and you still don't know that?)  The fact that I can talk to people now without having to translate into English [in my head first] is a BIG deal for me.  Still,  I am constantly making mental notes.  RiiiiiiiightThat is how you say it!  I will have it together one day.  I swear.  If it's the last thing I ever doooooooooooo.

Ok.  On to Fit Fridays!  A good week as far as I'm concerned.

Saturday: Hike Mount Miguel (3 hours round trip)
Sunday: Crossfit: 20 seconds of squats, rest 10 seconds. 20 seconds of push ups, rest 10 seconds. 10 rounds each exercise
Monday: walk 5 miles (round trip) to Performance Bike Shop  (replace flat tires)
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 3 mile hike Oak Canyon Trail at Missions Hills Regional Park (1 hour)
Thursday:  rest
Friday: 6 mile hike to summit of S. Fortuna Mountain  Missions Hills Regional Park (3 hours)

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