Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekly Update and Smilebooth

I know that it is Thursday, a bit late for a weekend update, but guys I am a working woman now and just can't blog all the time.  Sorry.  I started last week on my temp job as a Crew Leader with the 2010 US Census, and so far I am liking it.  I was in training all last week and this week I am preparing to teach a class next week to a group of enumerators (people going door to door).  After teaching the class I will be assigned anywhere from 8 to 18 enumerators to supervise.  The majority of the people coming to work this job are unemployed professionals like myself.  People who want to work.  A much better pool of people than in previous census years I have been told.   The job is until June 14th and could be extended if the project is not finished by then, which seems likely.  I should be assigned to work somewhere close to where I live. 

Speaking of...I love the area we live in Atlanta.  It is called Old 4th Ward.  We actually live one block from Martin Luther King's house. I think that is pretty cool.  It is a historic area and is very centrally located.  I can reach anywhere I need to drive in 15 minutes, including the airport.  We can walk to several different neighborhoods and we live right off the Freedom Park Trail, which is great for running. 

We learned just last week that the Studioplex, a string of lofts and businesses one block from our place, holds a "third Friday of the month" Artwalk.   We strolled over at about 630pm and were pleasantly surprised at all of the action.  There was a band playing in one parking lot and all of the business/galleries had there doors open to welcome everyone.   

One salon called Aviary Collective hired a cool company called Smilebooth to be at the event.   It is like a photobooth, but so much better.  The set up is compact and stylish (a big SLR camera enclosed in a white box, and a light box both on a little metal stand).  It sheds a soft white light that is nothing short of flattering.   You hold the remote and just click away. 
I am holding up my complimentary bird bag from the salon which also had some goodies inside.   "I like birds"? I mean, how perfect is that?  You can rent the "Smilebooth" for events - 4 hours for $1500.    Ernesto and I decided we should look into this business.   We had fun playing in front of the camera. 
Pictures from all Smilebooth events are posted online for anyone to see, and nothing can be deleted.  At a St. Pattys party you can see as the night goes on, the people are more intoxicated and the pictures get a little crazy.  Im sure this guy is very sorry about that "can't delete" rule.  (scroll to bottom of page and look for Silence of the Lambs type pic....expect to gasp!)

Also this weekend was the annual Inman Park Festival, and in my opinion, the best festival in Atlanta.  It rained ALL day Saturday, but Sunday was gorgeous weather.  It was really different to actually walk around this show rather than work a booth.  Although I would have rather been selling my jewels,  I enjoyed partying with my neighbors.  I realized what a party this festival truly is;  I think anyone who lives in that neighborhood is obligated to have a party based at their house and the guests wander out in the streets of the festival.  It was packed.   

I saw my cousin Ken and Treff at the Pluma Jewelry booth.  It was really nice to see them and her booth looked awesome!  She gave me some great advice and really inspired me to change some things around for my upcoming Zafiro shows.  I really paid attention to all the jewelry booths at Inman and the Dogwood Festival, which was held the week before.  For example, it seems essential to include a glass case in the front of the booth, also to have a big banner or picture hanging somewhere.  I laid awake Sunday night from 3a to 430a thinking of jewelry stuff.  I designed a simple piece of furniture in my head for the glass case to sit and Ernesto said he would be happy to build it for me.  Thanks mi amor!  More updates on that coming soon! 

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