Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wednesday Weekly: Color me Yellow!

I have been blogging for years now.  It wasn't until just a year and a half ago though when I really started subscribing to other people's blogs.  I became, dare I say, addicted to reading blogs.  Many of them are design blogs; others are about crafting, cooking, etc..  (you can see the list of them on the right side)  You should check them out, they are a lot of fun, and best of all inspiring.  So much so that I couldn't keep track of all the ideas running through my head.
On the recommendation of my friend Lauren, I started a folder on my computer called "lookbook" and it is here that I save all the pictures that inspire me in some way.   
I thought I would start sharing with you, and my first batch is YELLOW
Can you believe this house? You see why im inspired right?  The bright yellow shutters are so unexpected and the striped curtains really say "welcome!"  As a result of this picture, I bought yellow and white fabric at a flea market in San diego and it's patiently waiting to be created into something!

I can't say when it started, but it could have been with that gold leather Sophie C bag that I bought at TJMaxx 3 years ago.  With all of the rich yellow I am seeing everywhere, I can't tell you when it will end either.   Just last week I bought a great vintage-y striped apron at a thrift store.  

Just to be clear, it's not buttery yellow it is bright, rich, almost gold. And you know how crazy I am about gold!   Something about this bright color makes me happy. (yes, mom, kind of like your kitchen!) 
Example #2:
I would be in heaven with these curtains.  Let me rephrase that, I will be in heaven when I get/make these curtains!  They would cheer up any room.  Oh my and this yellow silk headboard too!  
What about this silk chiffon dress?  Isn't there a wedding to attend this year?  This is the design of Kathy Rose.  She was a contestant on Bravo's  Launch My Line.  She won!
Besides the list of my yellow inspiration, I have the folowing yellow items:  the above fabric (and more), many articles of clothing (skirts, shirts, tunics), three leather bags, this embroidered Otomi beadspread, fabric napkins, oh and the list goes on.   Just for the record, I will always love turquoise, but I am a girl with many loves. Besides yellow, I am also loving anything orange.  What are your favorite colors? 

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